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Fall day

Fall day 

A day shade marking of night,

Dazzle two Sukhchains densely,

I asleep under their dark shade,  

Curbed turn down rays of moon.

A lone darkest night floating on, 

A breezinng air blundering justly,

Existing night oblivious at whole, 

Apparently like an ecophobia.

Night compass by gradually,

Now time attained at dawn, 

Sun facile in timely duty, 

As in motion like the diurnal. 

Sunlit kick-off journey to earth, 

What all the souls warmth initial,

Sun of rays was penetrated, 

Inward the branches of trees .

As I unclose my eyes which, 

Rinse with the extensive rays, 

Rather astonished where has,

Gone to pale and green leaves. 

When I  got up from my cot ,

Sight fell on my mother earth, 

Which lay down a necklace, 

Around my cot that befit too.

I asked aback dear Sukhchains,

Trees that why fall off leaves for,

They little smile on by shaking,

Branches, again rained by leaves.

Also intimidated me through rasp

With feeble branches of them,

What rubbing on one another as,

A fall came, fall came dwell on .


 Read and enjoy it also the season of fall which able to rain on us by way of leaves. So, Tell your enjoy through your comments. 
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