Love poetry

Ranboo my beloved 2

Ranboo My beloved who made me a love cheating. My heart has been broken. Please console me.

Ranboo my beloved
Ranboo my beloved
You faced against my eyes to fight my heart,
To make me feel useless before your chosen,
And show her how immature i was,
My cries didnt even turn your eyes and heart
You felt her touch like that of an angel,
And her fake words the content inside the wine glass,
You neglected me with all the promises we had,
I swore to keep the promise that i belong to you,
You chose what your mind made over your heart,
Hurting me was one of your major vision of that year,
I gave up on you since your sweetness was replaced by lime,
Toast and cheers you have ended up to me criminals,
I dont want you back since once goods sold they are never returned,
Once the heart is broken none can make it like before,
You felt good like you felt with her in the middle of the night,
You deserve the best treat of an arrogant heart,
I cried more than you does, For now i hear your cries as cheers,
You deserve respect but i treat with disrespect,
Because i swear i dont want you back.
( Kenyanartwriter…. Dafina Catens )

Ranboo my beloved

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Zulu Love Poems

This poems describes about black love of South African through Zulu love poems.

Zulu Love poems
Zulu love Poems

       Ask My Pillow 

Every night I Shed tears
When I think of you
How we used to be one I loved you ( SAD LOVE POEMS )
But still you left me Ask my pillow and
sheets I would change them everyday Only to come
and make them wet again Nothing breaks my heart than that
But when I remember all our memories
My tears run out like uncontrollable rain
Because you were in my future, and present
But that got wiped away by your hurtful words
Now you’re ignoring me ( NATURE POEMS )
Like never been one before

By Wesani Letsoalo ( South Africa )


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i carry your heart poem

Heart and eye’s conversation 

i carry your heart poem

You deal with cheating, 

 By occasionally, Heart said.

No way it’s my habitual way,

 Enter in anything, said eyes.

But, however also duty to, 

 Probe into anyone, Heart said.

But, I consider exterior souls, 

 Not checked inner taste of souls, eyes,

But, Mustn’t entry black eyes,

 Who came with black clouds, Heart, 

But, I am whole worst of colours,

 They came with peace of mind, eyes. 

How can you prove it by hard, 

 While black eyes were entering, Heart.

White absorbing the black icon, 

 That exploring light within the black-eyes.

I think that are your colleagues, 

 No probes of whom to ask after, Heart. 

But, now reside with have you 

 So, cognition could let you know, eyes. 
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Now these made of tent on me,

Too difficult to root out established, Heart 

I agreed with my snafu dealing, 

 Who ruled on you illegally by black Cloud, 

But, these black clouds exploring, 

 Night across the whole world, Heart. 

However, we would lead them, 

 When we met occasionally by our paths, 

Please…. do such let them know, 

 The life of heart-broken as extinguished,

Sure… let me met her eyes to console,

 And be cognitive the value of souls,

All poor hearts bound to met snafu, 

 What makes the eyes pocket, Heart. 

Eyes said, it takes two to make a raw,

 Not alone me, rather both on the way.

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short love poems for my boyfriend

short love poems for my boyfriend

                  Love and drops

One side going on drizzling, 

So, heavy drops exhausted soil by wetness, 

So, little water drops go through, 

The roof’s soil fell in. 

A exhausted lover sit under such roof, 

Beside his beloved memories, 

As thinking hunger for her, 

But, No shaking with drops sparking. 

Whether, come between 

By roof drops into his memories, 

However, he absorbed in his beloved, 

And remain cool down. 

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By coincidence, 

A call came from his beloved, 

what bring around to him, 

That done away with his beloved memories

Now his conscious eyes fallen, 

Upon his luggage, 

what all moisturised by drops sparking, 

But, nothing was left except wet luggage. 

Call cut by lover with promptly, 

And get ready to escaping luggage from, 

falling drops, Rather he cheered up with her phone call, 

what cleared off her memory at such a cruel crisis. 

4:20pm 29/04/2020

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short love poems for my boyfriend
Love message

What will happen if you don’t express love emotions ?

Love messages

Nobody can dislike the power of love. Whether it’s always attractive till The end of life in the angry person. Love has more power as compared to religious devotion.  
Love should not be considered as equivalent to friendship with girls alone. Rather, its definition is too advanced and epic. Which we need to be considered in our world culture. Which is required to spread across the world level. So, love is the biggest term across the globe.  What’s valuable must be considered by all humans in all societies across the world. 
Love message never be lost in the place of heart. Because it creates its place in every soul. 
Love must be shared also among our family including family members as parents and children. Love must be expressed on the three stages as follows. 

1. Family love-  This love asks for love from the family members. Which leads to our emotions towards each other.  Through which all problems will be maintained and solved throughout our emotions. When we live together with a family we have love towards any particular member of the family. As a dad, mother, grandfather, grandmother and so on. 

2. Friendship circles:-  This love message is shared across the friend circles. Which leads to humanity, socialising and liberty. Which influences their mind. Otherwise if we don’t disclose our love relation with friends which will be responsible for giving birth to jealousy. Which leads to destruction of our relationship on the way of life. So, love must always be disclosed among family members to whom we love.
Love poems

3. Girl friend love:- it should also be disclosed before your beloved. But don’t do it hastily, rather take some time to be considered yourself love towards your beloved. After self considered love let’s give time to your girlfriend to be considered your love. So, after realising your love to your beloved, then you are able to disclose your love before your beloved. Because she perhaps considered your love. But don’t keep your love in your heart forever about your girlfriend. Rather try to show your love response towards her conscious mind that recognises the virtue Of your love. Otherwise such storage of love in you will always destroy. So, don’t hesitate to show your love towards your beloved. 

We don’t like to conceal love if we have it for some particular person. Because we know love always flows itself towards someone. However, we must disclose it to that person to whom we love. Love never dies. Rather it exists forever. So love power influences us to disclose it. Our characteristics are created to disclose it. Whether it may be produced with body parts and eyes.

Please comment on this view on love and read and enjoy nature love which exists by nature on mother earth.
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What will happen if you don’t express love?

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Love messages
rhyming poems

rhyming poems

Journey of Angry Lover and Beloved

There were a lover and beloved,
Whose love had broken up,
Now they irate to each other,
A little hate produced b/w them.

One day by coincidence,
They met in passenger bus,
And sit by order follow up,
On arranged seats of bus.

Lover behind the beloved seat,
Whether, they knew presence,
Of each other, yet too silent,
Though, they peep by concealing,

Many ideas arousing while
Journey, As like ticket taking
By one another, however
Unable to met these ideas.

Whether, internally intention was,
Being paid to one another, While
they diver into such thinks, They
reached on to Destination.

Due to Destination was same,
By get down from different doors,
Of the bus, at last keep all things in mind,
Catch their way by quietly deprived hand. rhyming poems

11:15 PM, 2/07/2017
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rhyming poems
beauty poems for her

Statement of black eyes

beauty poems for her
beauty poems for her

Statement of Black eyes

Too stunning black eyes descry as,
As black clouds floating in firmament,
As if they are set off to pour rain,
In which diverse birds are fluttering by sloppy
As if they were waiting someone,
It looked like a pleasure park,
No one was looking for the right way,
Under the fluttering shadow of their.
The only inner ray of hope was waking up,
To discover a decent way,
That go to in the right direction,
It tends to the longing soul,
No exertion is going in vain,
Each effort is stepping towards the lover,
As if stunning black eyes are waiting tirelessly,
Whose threshold is ever open to welcome his steps.
A dream soul seem to be ornate on threshold,
A true and right loving soul has her in,
who can make her wishes come true of life,
Only long lasting being Awaited by Her, who’ll be able to bank on it.
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