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Trail of tears poems Best 01

This poem describes about a trip of monuments concerned with historical. As trail of tears poems.

Trail of tears poems

A trip to monuments

A caravan excitedly goes to a memorial,

 How much they wanted to be entertained?

 Mostly sunny was passing over head,

 All group seemingly to be suck on fresh taste,

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A gallery that we was now penetrated for the first time, it seems to be a dark caves like a black-eyes,

whose dark reflects in many ways informative.

Not a single corner left here who don’t do. Here opposite us Walls & statue gave a view of whole patriotism,

Many blood feuds are displaying of country,

Still, the sight began to seem frightening and the heart began to tremble.

As soon as we came to know about the martyrdom of our country, how did we get freedom?

The lovers of the country who had such a scene in their mind started to shed their tears,

Such a scene immediately took away the fun of our mind and was heart-wrenching.

As soon as we came out, our teacher instilled in us the love of patriotism,

Throughout our convictions became more firm towards our country,

As enthusiastically as they left, they came back filled with grief that had rendered them helpless, remembering only their freedom heroes and nothing else.

10.19 PM 17/08/2022

Trail of tears poems

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Sorrow Poem best 1

  • This sorrow poem describes a oldest woman whose home collapse in the rain. Which is a sorrow across the universe.

                Life robbed me

The moon of my heart was eaten by death,

Mournful days have eaten the sun of my home.

The rain also ate my living room,

Now all the conflicts of life are over,

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Now I have nothing left,

Still this time has to kill my life,

That’s why I am now standing with my hands in front of him that he will take my life,

Bad times do not spare anyone or anyone’s things at any cost,

sorrow poem

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Best one Exodus 21 10

 Exodus 21  10 describes about African people surviving.

Exodus 21  10
Exodus 21  10

                ” Exodus 21 10″


Worn out and it flew, not that I hate the later wind that engulfed me, I’m just the ant that doesn’t get contented with what they call little portion.
Pull this, the old hair and that, blah blah blah.
Even I dance like a palm tree without beat,
I dance to the
Enjoy nature poetry direction of the wind. I ‘Eyo’ dance and sweat to the beat, I pour water out of me like a tap but, I tell you, unless you have inner eyes, the eyes you called light won’t see my sweat. They said I left trial and embrace laziness; and it spread itself to my brain and mind controlling me like a robot. Observers all around us, they open their socket, wide like an Owl in the night. I tell you, their own bat see clearly in broad day light, they fly in the nonsense during the day. I tripped with their nonsense misleading my driver upstairs. They the wind; and I the Palm tree, I dance to their direction. When I exodus with Enjoy love poetry my ignorance from their wind. They missed how I worn out and flew foolishly; and they hate.
  By Olayiwola
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On death poem

On Death Poem on death poem 
On Death Poem  on death poem 
On Death Poem
On Death Poem 


On Death Poem  on death poem on death 

I am tired…  on death poem on death poem 

 I am tired….  on death poem on death 

Please mother, I am not able to run more, 

 My feet exhausted to answered me ,

Swelling floating on them,

 Please tell me how much more to go,

Mother said, on death poem on death poem

 Little more, little more, 

Don’t nervous at all,

 We all with you, 

Walk little more, on death poem 

 At just near our destination, 

Poor child girl, she hold back

By drag on… drag on,

Whereas,  on death poem on death poem 

Mostly 200 km have walked, 

 Which go by 4 days,  on death poem 

All faimly what Horrific her wearied, 

 Yet, they hope of destinations,

Next days, one night captured at rail, 

 While they were mid way of destinations, 

All paths they experienced,

 Concerned with life analytics, 

they exhausted by physically and mentally, 

 No attention about the safe place,

Whatever place they get, sleep on, 

 As they asleep on between rail,

They were Labourer & poorest,

 They hadn’t looked around that last day, 

While they keep away from all tensions, 

 While at they were in asleep, 

No one conscious about death at darkest night,  on death poem on death poem 

 A goods train came what drag into all,

Pull down all souls towards the death, 

 Alone make of rubbish carrion, 

But, they poor no reckoned ever night, 

 Because due to the lockdown situations, 

Thusly, travelling wasted them without consideration,  on death poem 

 Rather, pass away their life journey with starved,  on death poem on death poem 

No pity, grief, sorrow bear by nature of such auspicious souls. On Death Poem 

On Death Poem | On death Poem | 
Read and console on such miserable accident by nature situations,  To which poor would have to be fallen into the volcano of death. Please keep in mind 🙏 the revenge of nature on mother 🌎. On death poem. 

No Howl by drunkard sons

Poem about death and life
Poem about death and life 

Poem about death and life |

Poem about death and life |

  No Howl by drunkard sons 

It was the time of morning,

Dismay was diffused whether,

However, No one seems in appall,

Though, death came to woman.

Poem about death and life |

     Rather, her three sons who,

     By hapless all drunkard of wine and,

     Busy at looking for wine at

     Morning, Due to their addiction.

Poem about death and life |

Her dead body was put on cot,

No one seeing revolve the cot ,

Whose wept voice could hear,

None anxious her sons on death.

Poem about death and life |

       A little news spread at peak day,

       Due to the efforts of neighbours,

       Her born relative also got news,

      While over had half day passed.

Poem about death and life |

All they push off their sister land,

As her brothers and her daughters,

Including other relative by worried,

Who all seemed vex at approaching.

Poem about death and life |

      There is no situation of howl & wail,

      Rather, howl and wail sat about,

      By visitors for immediate step in,

      Help out from core of heart at dismay.

 Poem about death and life |

Nonsense carrying on by her sons,

With shrill, under influence of wine,

Since, all process of cremation was

Given out by her born relative.

Poem about death and life |

       However, every one reflect sorrow,

       On the death of their mother,

       As well due to poor situation of home,

     Some morale the sons by financial help.

 Poem about death and life |

9:10pm  29/06/2016

PG 08 

Poem about death and life
Poem about death and life 

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Helpless women


Winter at the peak point,

There was a breeze air,

Twilight got fallen by turn,

There was a drizzling. 

        A mini bus carrying on, 

        Contain Some caravan,

        Toward their destination,

        Which has crowded too.

While the bus going away from 

City, ticket collector set

About tickets, he called for 

Tickets to every one. 

        During the ask for Ticket

        While he approached 

        To a poor lady who was 

       Call for tickets, nothing tune.

Produced by helpless lady,

At just collector furious upon 

Her, sometimes he pass over,

While carrying on to others.

           After wind up tickets ,

           He recited for ticket to

           Her, but remain same 

           Answer, nothing to pay.

At same wrathful answer,

Blow out whistle to stop bus,

Cry out for her drop down,

From bus, due to not paid.

          Whereas night got fallen

          But no one come forward

         To her help, whereas few

         Person rich there & could.

When poor she set down,

She tolerant aversion & snub,

Speak rather, murmuring 

But, By her differ language. 

      unable to walk due her

      pregnancy, clothes filthy  

      In reality, she need too help,

      As financial & physically.

Where she had bound 

To drop, There is no shop

& home, Rather boulevard, 

What lay down timorous.

 No didn’t help her, might due to 

 Her creed, but humanity don’t 

 Teach the discrimination 

 Based on cast & religion. 

10:30 pm    01/04/2020


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This poem describes about the poor wohman who was helpless and need help by way of financial as well as physical. But, all present passengers would not had helped her but some insulted her. What was too wrong and sympathy less as well as shameful. 
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Fire of Australia

Fire of Australia 

A dread kindle of Australia,

With pile of sins onto head,

What’s rigid reflection way,

What carrying on too miles.

At just sight burn down many

Innocent wildest, none mercy,

Keep on taste many hue birds,

Animals, Bush & various trees.

While walking at way this fire,

Many hand waves by civilians,

To put out flame’s   journey ,

Rather, put into lives too risk. 

All one run down at any cost, 

Wild living being that on way

Immolate turn to ashes storm

Doing dead loss, in full swing.

Whether, sins weight had over on 

Head, dread fire run by egotism,

All world gazing at appear whom,

Rather, no care by volcano blaze. 

Ashes scatter across world, 

With fountains of terror fire,

Flames high on by pile sins,

Justly fondle feet of rain God.

As heated conscious promptly, 

Rather, regret at ash epidemic,

At just strew rain to dispel fire,

Correspondingly relish worldwide.

However, no exertions loose on,

For help out for damage spices, 

Without any caste discrimination, 

Heartily salute to that civilians. 

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This poem describes about the fire of Australia what is too dangerous for all trees, herbs of forest and animals as well as birds. Which is exploded across the world by its terrorist attack on Australian fire .

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