Life Poetry

poems about life

poems about life
poems about life

Futile lives

Where did your friends go,

that looking for the common ones,

Found sitting together,

but the field is empty,

Their bodies are bare

and their hands are empty,

No one here belongs to anyone,

All are living for themselves,

own sorrow knows own heart,

No one on the way of others heart

to see any distress,

The pain given by our mother went in vain, whoever was born died,

without good deeds he was destroyed.

We only learned bad things in life,

but we don’t earn good deeds and faith,

The bad fruit of bad deeds,  but good action would push us before successful way,

Let’s all take vows together

and do good deeds,

Let’s create a good society that will give us a outstanding success in the future,

This poem describes a dead person who didn’t do anything for their society. But the last lines give us inspiration for survivor people to do good for our society,  so as to feel a better future.

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poems about life

motivational poems

Beauty Hewn By Labourios

motivational poems
motivational poems

Beauty hewn by labourios

There was a marry party,
Hustle and bustle all around,
Face of every person reflect merry,
No tensions floating on any face,
Everybody absorbed in joyful.

Few person active in own diversion,
As some in droll with various victual,
No body mingle with each way,
Rather they had different delicious,
Relish in order to the same by all.

Whereas some busy in cavort,
Who didn’t care about dine,
Remain entertain by behold,
With the corresponding ratio
At DJ melody that enhanced.

A poor poet who coffee imbibe,
Eyes fallen on poor girl at function,
Observe her belle that reflect self,
Whereas she in grimy raiment,
Who collecting disposable utensils.

What’s buoyant her charming, among
Other girls who took help from maquillage,
These lines describe her charmingness
That a proof of her laborious work, which
Entails to her beauty’s by itself alive.

This poem describes about the beauty of a Labour girl. WHO whether poor by unfortunately but his labourios work reflection of his beauty. So, take this not kidding because GOD doesn’t discriminate at all level as with poorness corresponding with beauty. So, Labour naver decline anyone beauty rather hewn it.

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motivational poems

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motivational poems

My drawbacks

motivational poems
motivational poems

                My drawbacks

Is here any one ?
Who make of my faults,
Whether I am degree holder,
However, I am unable access to faults,
Please….. call in,

Pay to taunt me,
Rather, I knew error of mine,
Even if, No one has perfection,
Please…. carry out,

Revealing mine,
That, draw out my flounder,
Don’t need me inter into like others, Please…. search in,

Don’t hesitate
Reflecting my deficiency,
Whereas, every one deal with,
Please….. try it,

See over my hidden faults,
Let not allows me concealing faults,
Whether, everybody interesting to conceal,
Please…. lay down

Let me allow to explain away,
If, No take me on, through mine research,
Perhaps, I black, dwarf, weak, ignorant,unknown,poor
Please…. sure it,

Don’t make a guile,
Alone dig out my drawbacks,
But these by nature not mine mistake, Please…. consider it,

Call down to nature,
Born pleasance people,
Who free from such drawbacks, Please… call down,

Recognise the truth,
Perhaps, due my these drawbacks,
I am still one side lover and celibacy, Please…. justice it.

Time:- 12:15 am
Date :- 04:06:2020
motivational poems
motivational poems
motivational poems

This poem describes poorness of poet. Who falls in his love. But he is remain one side lover due to his nature deficiency. Whereas has not responsible for such god gift. So convey this message to his beloved by share this poem in what’s app group.


inspirational poems


inspirational poems
inspirational poems


What is life?
Do you know?
Please anyone tell it,
Perhaps no one having answer.

   To answer I have to go about,
   Checked taste at different places, 
   No satisfying answer bring out,
   Mostly voice crop up, 

Many cry up 
However, I feel for answers,
And follow out,
No one explain away, 

Then get on my way,
And look over at the true answer,
By coincidence one saint at way of mine,
While I knock about door to door.

Who insisted on answer of life,
And launch out answer, 
What is life ? 
And look through answer, 

   Life broken into three share, 
   Past,  What like a “waste paper“
   Present, What like a “newspaper“
 Future, What like a “question paper“

So, read and write carefully,
Life will be like a tissue paper, 
And hunt down the question of life. 

inspirational poems
inspirational poems

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This little poem describes about the life of human being which carries on through this circle. Show comments on it. Read and enjoy it.

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poems about education

Journey of phd

         A Journey of phd

A found of knowledge pupil in bustling,
But don’t comprehend the fair path,
What able to usher about true preceptor,
At various places deviated by distraction,
Stay with the perceiving for destination,

 Whether as visiting through divergent uni,
 But no one meet with my sentiments, 
 Even if, All preceptor phd holder,
 Brush aside by all at the same ratio,
 Few one go back on gradually,

Still he has ache for Phd degree,
Rather don’t lose heart & keep feel for,
Occasionally visit to some professor,
They all ignored with the same nod,
Perhaps due to their perfect wisdom.

 One day deduce by after exertion 
 God might be lived at Himalaya 
 May be ray of hope survived there,
 Approached there with many opine,
 At central university of himachal Pradesh.

While he hunt out true preceptor,
Then met with the Dr Ashish professor,
Who consider his come forward, 
Who also true preceptor but don’t 
Wish alone back up rather let advise.

But from whom ? One more visit
 Done with Ashish’s true preceptor
 Called Dr Mohinder singh professor,
 Meant for it incommunicado of 
 Preceptor no get along with anyone.

Whereas many visit taken place,
To various professor in university,
As well as divergent universities, 
But no one come ahead for his
Help out and no one hear out.

 In reality, these both true preceptors,
 Who feel out his whole journey to phd,
 Consider all obstacles what occurred,
 No go over by them rather offered 
 A sheet for phd through jump at.
poems about education
poems about education
poems about education
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This poem describes about the Phd journey of poet. In which many conflicts would be arised at the way of phd. However, some facts are not disclosed at the moment but would be disclosed in the autobiographies of poet. Also describe your view in comments section.

poems about education

Surviving life

Life poems

life poems

                 Surviving life 

Do you know ?
What’s surviving life ?
If not, 
Let me allow to viewing 
Surviving life, 
Life is like a 
Whose pages are 
What order to 
Go on,
Whose every day Like a New page,
Whose every month like a
New chapter,
Whose every year like a
New series, 
But every series bound to 
Wipe out, 
That released to fade away of
Survival life. 
That clear out life to
A’ la mort (fr.)
27/05/2020                12:10 pm        fr:- French word ( to death)
Life poems
life poems

This poem describes about the survival life of  human being. This has no little discrimination for any living being on the mother earth. 

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poems about money

Lust For Money

poems about money
poems about money

Lust for Money

No one has thirst for water,
No one has hunger for food,
No one has devotion to God,
No one has devotion to relationship,
Alone lust remain for money.

Everyone thirst for money,
Also hunger asks for money,
All concentration stay on money,
Core of heart adhesive to money,
That relation’s devotion turn to money.

But anyway, water, food, relative and,
Nature too essential than money,
Since, money answer for our devotion,
To hindrance our relationship & love.
Money stiction fade away all this.

Many times, forget thirst while earning money,
Avoid hunger many a time while on duty,
No let allow for any attention to enter in mind,
All stiction keep on earning money at duty,
No memory keep it up about around except money.

Availed opportunity for money,
Rather lost all other scope,
Only remember money way,
Neglected all other scope & way,
Resistance to sights and think except money.

9:10pm 27/06/2017

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