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How to become a poet?

How to become a poet?


How to become a poet?
How to become a poet?

How to become a poet?

All poets depend upon their thinking power. Which is able to be expressed in writing language. Some people think about the qualification that they considered essential to become a poet. But according to our long deep research upon the many writers which reached us on the conclusion. Which is concerning the poet’s qualification. However, as per our research we have collected some following questions for the answer of HOW TO BECOME A POET ?

What must be a qualification level to become a poet?

We would like to keep away the delusion of all readers who have an intense desire to become a poet into their life. No need for any particular qualification for the purpose of becoming a poet. Every poet has just required deep thinking. Which would be helpful to become a poet. As we know that our qualification certificate only contains receipts of our study expenses. Which never expressed our thinking power. So we must not be considered only a measured weapon of any personal quality. As we all understand our famous scholars like “Thomas adison, “Socrates,. Whose thought and experiment can be considered across the world level. These Booth personalities are deprived from the school higher education in their life.However we can measure anyone based on his thinking power which can be found in their thoughts and writings, so not based on qualification. So, no need here for any qualification to fulfill your life dream to become a poet.

After the qualification, the next question moves us on the thinking power. This is the following question.

How can we create deep thinking?

This thinking can be gotten from our all around matters. Many incidents or mishapning are happening around us. Which teaches us many things whether it be positive or negative. So, many matters are floating on our minds. Whose influence is able to express itself through the life of a person. However, some people can learn more from books. Which has the most influential power to mould our mind. Our next question goes on the basic or mother language. In which we are able to Read and write.

Every person must have some basic knowledge of his mother language ?

No person can speak, write, or read without his basic knowledge of his mother language. So all is required to learn about the basic knowledge of his mother language. Our mother’s knowledge is the medium through which we transact our feelings and thoughts. However, this knowledge is not needed to go to school. This can be learned only in our childhood from our mother. Every writer can put down his thoughts in his mother language which doesn’t need to learn. However, if anyone writes in another language except his mother, he/she is required to learn from any source.

Every person who has the desire to become a poet must read many poems in his mother language.

By our analysis we can conclude that every person who reads books has more vast thought or thinking powers as compared to others who don’t read books. Thus, it will be easy to become a writer who reads more books. Because every book moulds his thoughts as per books direction. However, if he/she doesn’t want to read books or written literature, they have one more option to go for writing poetry. They have the option to listen to others ‘ thoughts. Which may be converted in the writing form. So, don’t forget to read books, other written literature and listen to others carefully. Don’t neglect others’ thoughts who can be helpful to you.

Need to begin writing poetry. But when?

There is no particular time on which you can start your writing. Whenever you are able to understand or think, you may start your writing. Now one question in your mind concerned with the grammar errors in your writing. But here we would like to suggest that you just need to start your writing. Don’t be afraid of your grammar errors. We know that there may be errors in your writing in the beginning mode. But don’t lose your heart. When your writing becomes habitual in your writing way. Which way will you lead to improve gradually. After that you will be able to improve your writing. So, by keeping away all things in one side. You are required to start your writing. Keep a separate one diary if you put down your thoughts in the poetry form. So just start it. How to become a poet?

How can you improve your writing and thoughts?

No one person can improve his writing or thought himself without anyone interfering. Because anyone who interferes can lead our thoughts towards a better way. So, don’t try to keep your content or writing to yourself. Rather it reflects among your friends, relatives and teachers who can appreciate your work and can comment on your thoughts which may be amended when it is needed. So try to improve your deep thoughts with the help of others who can direct your writing. Thus this way may be helpful for writing.

Your writing habit must be regular?

Here is one question which leads you towards success. Every successful way asks for regular efforts then such efforts will push you towards success. So, your poetry writing habit must be habitual on the way of becoming a poet. However, this habit must not be such which may arise hurdles in your daily life with corresponding other tasks. Because your life may be disrupted by this habit. So, our analysis suggests that your thought must be in touch with your passion to become a poet. Whether you don’t do regular writing work. Thus, you are required to keep in mind your purposeful poetry writing passion.

How to become a poet?

Kept a separate diary on which you can write your thought in the writing form :

Every person who has a bundle of treasure in his/her mind must be written down in a separate register or diary. Which can be convenient to your writing work. Note: however this your diary or register must be prepared by way of concealed form. Don’t tell any person about your precious mine. Which can be stolen or harmed by any other person who may become your hater.

Create your passion first of all.

No work can become successful until we pay our interest towards any work. However any aim who needs our attention must create a passion. Which will lead us towards success. Every passion of our life is responsible for our success which must be created in life. Without which our life cannot become successful. So, the creation of passion pushes us towards our aim or target of life. Make a passion part of your life which runs corresponding with your life age.

Now our research would like to open your dream to become a poet. So don’t wait for anyone ‘s suggestion after reading this research article about your life poetry career.

Bring a ✍️ and 📖 begin to fulfill your life dream to become a poet. But, keep in mind all these things which are written down in this article.

👉 However anyone you need regarding poetry you can comments or contact us as per your requirements.How to become a poet?

How to become a poet?
How to become a poet?

What role do story writing and poetry writing play in learning language?

What role do story writing and poetry writing play in learning language?
What role do story writing and poetry writing play in learning language ?

What role do story writing and poetry writing play in learning language?

Everybody would like to enhance their knowledge. But his/her knowledge depends upon his learning habits. If he/she tries to take knowledge by continue then he/she will be able to go for mass knowledge.  As we know that every experiment responsible for learning something by their using. By creating interest to writing stories and poetry will be helpful for learning language knowledge. There are following some point which can be considered to be learning language by writing poetry and stories about any subjects. 

1. GRAMMATICAL LEARNING:- Many learning opportunities would be arised during poetry and stories writing concerning with the grammatically portion of language. Grammatically improving habits must be apprehend by regularly. So our grammar mistakes, errors will be removed day by day with the practice of writing poetry and stories during on going learning life.

2. VOCABULARY LEARNING:-  Every person learns from his habit of learning whether it’s grammatically learning or vocabulary learning.  So by writing poetry and stories our vocabulary will be enhanced on the path of learning. These vocabulary may have deepen meaning in their sense. 

3. PHRASES:- Many phrases of words can be learned with the help of writing poetry and stories.  Because many poets have rich wealth of words of phrases which they get from their writing poetry habits. As we know almost all poetry collections contain phrases. Which phrases have unique meaning in their sense.

4. RHYME:- Rhyme is also a part of our learning. Which feels melody to our hearts. These Rhyme frequently floats in poetry writing. Which convenience feeling for our mind or hearts. So, writing poetry produced Rhyme which is also a part of learning. 

5. DEEPEN WORD MEANING WRITING SKILLS:- By writing poetry and stories our deepen word writing skills. Which will not be happen unless. THESE words will be improved our poetry and stories writing skills on learning way of language. 

So, these are essential points which can consider by learning language knowledge on the way of writing poetry and stories. Which will be responsible to enhance our language knowledge from around about. So, produce your opinion by writing poetry and stories which will corresponding enhance your language learning knowledge. 

Please read and enjoy as well as share it further on the social link. Many thanks. 

What should study to be a poet ?

What should study to be a poet?
There must be a heart who feels love about nature and human being represents a true poet  ?

What should study to be a poet?

There are so many poets.  Whether they are different in their language. As we know that they all expressed their thought in their local language. These thought were used to converted into different modes as stories, thoughts, poetry and quotes etc.  However some authors and poets have expressed their ideas and opinions in other languages. Their are many languages as English,  French, Italian, urdo, arbi, Spanish and Punjabi. All these represent content of every heart ❤.  

What should study to be a poet?

There are some important points which needs to be kept in mind. 

1. INTERESTS:-       First of all interests must be created   into heart to do something or  becoming    an author and poet. Interests leads towards our                  destination whatever we think about         our life’s aim.  

What should study to be a poet?

2. KNOW-HOW :- There must be little know-how about languages that would be realizing thoughts in writing form. Without knowledge of language we can’t go ahead.  Basic language knowledge is sufficient to shaking our bound of hearts thoughts. 

What should study to be a great poet?

3. LITERATURE READING:-  Literature reading must be a part of life. Which enhance our knowledge towards Literature. Rather it would be helpful to enhance our thoughts. Which is responsible for deepening thinking. Whether reading should from Facebook or any poetry website. 

What should study to be a great poet?

4. FOUND OF WRITING:-  There must be writing towards our thoughts.  If we don’t writing form our thoughts it remains a heap of like dry leafs. So try to put it into writing form. Which takes some time to improving our deep thinking skills in our poetry path.

What should study to be a great poet?

5. KNOWLEDGE AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER WRITERS:-  We should try to making relationships with others writers. Who may help us to improve our writing skills regarding our thoughts. These writers circle would be helpful to mould your thoughts. 

Read and enjoy other love 💘 poetry which is responsible to leads us writing ✍ poetry from the core of heart views.