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Sister and brother poems

Sister and brother poems +21 Best ever poetry

This poem describes a community who must coordinate to each other like a children of mother earth. sister and brother poems.

     Let’s make a coordinate 

Let’s make a sister and brother,
Trying to know other needs,
Don’t make a difference,
We must not show off,

sister and brother poems

All needy for meals,
Red blood surviving all,
Oxygen consuming by all,
No one can avoid water,

Let’s play in the nature lap,
Nature contains human, animals, birds 
And tree who all our whole family members,
We can’t be happy without hustle of earth,

Let’s give help to others,
Don’t break aspirations of surviving,
Listen always shout of mother earth,
Who survive us after looking,

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Never give a pain your mother,
Whose lap warmth always,
Don’t lapse virtue of your mother,
Who never bias among its offspring,

Let’s make a brother sisters,
We all equal children of mother earth,
Don’t neglect abide by our earth,
Let us always be in Her will,
Sister and brother poems

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How to write poems about love

How to write poems about love
How to write poems about love 


Whether you’re a black eyes,

However, you’re a peace idol. 

Whether you’re a stirred,

However you’re a still idol,

Whether you’re a talking,

However you’re a tacit idol,

Whether you’re a spectator,  

However you’re a bystander idol,

Whether you’re a listening, 

However you’re an attentive idol,

Whether you’re a stunning, 

However you’re a deity idol,

Whether you’re a best girl, 

However you’re a goddess idol,

whether you’re a gorgeous, 

However you’re a sunlight idol, 

Whether you’re a brainy,  

However you’re a wisdom idol,

Whether you’re an analogous, 

However you’re a perceptible idol, 

Whether you’re avoiding reflection,  

However you’re a black night’s star idol.     

How to write poems about love
How to write poems about love 

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How to write poems about love | How to write poems about love | How to write poems about love.

My drawbacks

Sad poetry

                My drawbacks 


Is here anyone ?

Who make of mine faults, 

Whether I am degree holder, 

However, I am unable access to faults


Please……… call in,                                                                                                                                                                           Please….

            Pay to taunt me,

            Rather, I knew error of mine, 

            Even if,  No one has perfection,

           Please……….carry out. 



Revealing mine, 

That draw out my flounder,

Don’t need me inter into like others, 

Please……. search in, 


         Don’t hesitate, 

         Reflecting my deficiency, 

         Whereas every one deal with 

         Please……. try it.


See over my hidden faults, 

Let not allows me concealing faults   

 wheater, everybody interesting to conceal,                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please…….                                                                                                                           let me allow to explain away,                                                                                          if, No take me on, through mine research,                                                                                                                      perhaps, I black, dwarf, ignorant , unknown, poor,

Please……..suru it.




Don’t make a guile, 

Alone dig out my drawbacks, 

But these by nature not mine mistake, 

Please….. consider it. 


       Call down to nature, 

      Born pleasance peoples,                                                                                                  who free from such drawbacks

      Please…….. call down.


Recognise the truth ,                                                                                                         perhaps, due my these drawbacks,

I am still one side lover and celibacy, 

Please……. justice it.



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Light of spirituality

Religious poems | religious poems for Christmas
Religious Poems 

Religious poems 

            Light of spirituality 

This light is known as immortal, 

Behind then end of life,

What rather able to lead 

Way of life to destination. 

                  Religious poems 

 Avoid All discrimination and frauds,

 As well a root of ignorance, 

 Sow a seed of fairness and honest, 

 Live for virtue of life with joyfully. 

                  Religious poems 

Providing know-how to be perfect,

Enlightening the soul’s confidence, 

Earn up the credit of respect, 

Survives morale by high head.

           Religious poems 

 Open the way of natural success,     

  outstanding and best fills to life,

  Leads about negativity & positive 

  Let in positivity and hold off negative. 

                 Religious poems 

Collects extreme love at always, 

Removing opponent and enemy,

Enlarge the pleasance of relationship, 

Keep humble up by life of spirituality.

                  Religious poems 

  Give away honesty at all path,

 Go ahead sans fall out with anybody, 

 Rather, enter into everybody help out,

  Thus, let through life by look around. 

2:35pm    25/06/2017

PG 03

Religious poems 

Religious poems
Religious poems 

       Religious poems  This poem describes about the spirituality of life. What asks each life. Read it And pray to nature for lifting soul. Tell through comments about your expectations regarding spiritual. 

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Love poems for her to make her cry

Love poems for her to make her cry

Sad love poem
Sad love poem 

Love poems for her to make her cry 

Who was cheating ?

There was a couple,
                          Lover and beloved,
 Love come by them,
                            Love abide by them,
Get on with each other,
                           One day fall out with,
By gradually fall in b/w,
                         Rough life being survived,

Sad love poem
Love poems for her to make her cry 


Now, they decided to end lives,
                   wish to make away with love,
They reached on peak of cliff,
                         With the aim of jump off,
Now, ready to throw off,
                         They counted three while,
Boy jumped off, but girl stayed,
                  She was watching him falling,
About 7 seconds then,
                         Saw a parachute opened,
Now, the question is that,
                   Who was cheating to whom ?
Love poems for her to make her cry

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lSad love poem
Sad love poems


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