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Welcome to this section of the weeklypoetry.com to every visitor. About us This is a common poetry plateform across the mother earth. Every poet can join here without any fee and charges by publishing poetry here.

From which any poet can publish his/her poem across the world. Every poet and reader in this school is considered a family member of this plateform. This website provides you various departments in which you can publish your poetry as per your desire.

This poetry school is a platform on which by studying poetry literature anyone can become a poet. This school shares and spreads the poetry passion of their family members without any cost across the world.

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Departments :-  This poetry website provides different departments to his readers’ family members. As per their choice they can enjoy every heart touching poem. Here every poem is able to realise nature, love, sorrow, peace, happyness, life, country, friends, family and mother earth. Here every poem explores feelings, immossion, thought and consciousness. However, sometimes it provides short thoughtful stories which may become an idea of life to our potential readers.

Publishe Period

Realising period :- This website provides day to day poetry. However, it depends on the submission quantity. If this plateform gets more poems it will be published more otherwise not.

Owners (All Published Poet )

Owners :- All poetry copyright goes to every individual poet under whose name this poetry has been published on this platform. Thus, all these poets whose poetry has been published they all are the real owners to their original work. However, weeklypoetry.com has reserved exclusive rights on all content which has been published oRealizing n it.

Readers Family

Reader community :- This website considers every reader’s requirements as per the modern need from the bottom of heart. So, every poem is critically analysed while it is published on the weeklypoetry.com. so emphasis is always kept on the selection of splendid poetry. Which may become an inspiration and creative life idea for the readers of this school.

👉 Notable About us

NOTE:- This poetry plateform is known as secular school of poetry. No discrimination is found in this poetry school as based on the caste, colour, physical appearance and region base. This poetry plateform always gives preference to creative thought for their family members as poets and readers. This school provides you with poetry service at your doorstep.

Because it feels real world thoughts while weaving their life in a better way. Any reader who students can visit on online about us
Poetry of this school goes to every corner of the world. Share your poetry passion also among millions of our family readers.Don’t wait your turn, join us family members today. For about us