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motivational poems

Beauty Hewn By Labourios

motivational poems
motivational poems

Beauty hewn by labourios

There was a marry party,
Hustle and bustle all around,
Face of every person reflect merry,
No tensions floating on any face,
Everybody absorbed in joyful.

Few person active in own diversion,
As some in droll with various victual,
No body mingle with each way,
Rather they had different delicious,
Relish in order to the same by all.

Whereas some busy in cavort,
Who didn’t care about dine,
Remain entertain by behold,
With the corresponding ratio
At DJ melody that enhanced.

A poor poet who coffee imbibe,
Eyes fallen on poor girl at function,
Observe her belle that reflect self,
Whereas she in grimy raiment,
Who collecting disposable utensils.

What’s buoyant her charming, among
Other girls who took help from maquillage,
These lines describe her charmingness
That a proof of her laborious work, which
Entails to her beauty’s by itself alive.

This poem describes about the beauty of a Labour girl. WHO whether poor by unfortunately but his labourios work reflection of his beauty. So, take this not kidding because GOD doesn’t discriminate at all level as with poorness corresponding with beauty. So, Labour naver decline anyone beauty rather hewn it.

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motivational poems

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female poems

Helpless women

female poems
female poems

Helpless Women

Winter at the peak point,
There was a breeze air,
Twilight got fallen by turn,
There was a drizzling. 

        A mini bus carrying on, 
        Contain Some caravan,
        Toward their destination,
        Which has crowded too.

While the bus going away from 
City, ticket collector set
About tickets, he called for 
Tickets to every one. 

        During the ask for Ticket
        While he approached 
        To a poor lady who was 
       Call for tickets, nothing tune.

Produced by helpless lady,
At just collector furious upon 
Her, sometimes he pass over,
While carrying on to others.

           After wind up tickets ,
           He recited for ticket to
           Her, but remain same 
           Answer, nothing to pay.

At same wrathful answer,
Blow out whistle to stop bus,
Cry out for her drop down,
From bus, due to not paid.

          Whereas night got fallen
          But no one come forward
         To her help, whereas few
         Person rich there & could.

When poor she set down,
She tolerant aversion & snub,
Speak rather, murmuring 
But, By her differ language. 

      unable to walk due her
      pregnancy, clothes filthy  
      In reality, she need too help,
      As financial & physically.

Where she had bound 
To drop, There is no shop
& home, Rather boulevard, 
What lay down timorous.

 No didn’t help her, might due to 
 Her creed, but humanity don’t 
 Teach the discrimination 
 Based on cast & religion. 

10:30 pm    01/04/2020
female poems

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This poem describes about the poor wohman who was helpless and need help by way of financial as well as physical. But, all present passengers would not had helped her but some insulted her. What was too wrong and sympathy less as well as shameful.

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