Surviving life

Life poems

life poems

                 Surviving life 

Do you know ?
What’s surviving life ?
If not, 
Let me allow to viewing 
Surviving life, 
Life is like a 
Whose pages are 
What order to 
Go on,
Whose every day Like a New page,
Whose every month like a
New chapter,
Whose every year like a
New series, 
But every series bound to 
Wipe out, 
That released to fade away of
Survival life. 
That clear out life to
A’ la mort (fr.)
27/05/2020                12:10 pm        fr:- French word ( to death)
Life poems
life poems

This poem describes about the survival life of  human being. This has no little discrimination for any living being on the mother earth. 

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  1. Life is such a book that changes its chapters according to reader's mindset, hardwork and dedication 💫 and one can also writes his/her own chapters with true personalty and consistency towards success.

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