inspirational poems
inspirational poems


What is life?
Do you know?
Please anyone tell it,
Perhaps no one having answer.

   To answer I have to go about,
   Checked taste at different places, 
   No satisfying answer bring out,
   Mostly voice crop up, 

Many cry up 
However, I feel for answers,
And follow out,
No one explain away, 

Then get on my way,
And look over at the true answer,
By coincidence one saint at way of mine,
While I knock about door to door.

Who insisted on answer of life,
And launch out answer, 
What is life ? 
And look through answer, 

   Life broken into three share, 
   Past,  What like a “waste paper“
   Present, What like a “newspaper“
 Future, What like a “question paper“

So, read and write carefully,
Life will be like a tissue paper, 
And hunt down the question of life. 

inspirational poems
inspirational poems

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This little poem describes about the life of human being which carries on through this circle. Show comments on it. Read and enjoy it.

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