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Poem for kids

The Boy on the Bicycle

poem for kids
poem for kids
The Boy on the Bicycle 

The boy on the bicycle begins to sing,
And the bell on his bike goes ring-a-ding-ding!
He whizzes straight past, like an arrow in flight,
His legs working hard, he leans left and then right.
He sings, ‘Excuse me ladies, gentleman too,
You’re stuck in the traffic but I’m coming through.’
He passes us cycling so fast and so free,
The boy on the bicycle; I wish that were me!

By Claire Horseburgh

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poem for kids

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spiritual poems

Sweet smiling of Mahatma Budh

spiritual poems
spiritual poems
Sweet smiling of Mahatma Budh
Silence is remained around statue,
Whether a crowd of people around, 
Who absorbed in gazing at statue,
Eyes of them stayed by meekly. 

With peering they thrilled on, 
Even if, souls stirred but eyes still,
Stand out tranquil around about,
Environment as put across it’s truth.

By little sway, however 
They found a sweet smiling of
Mahatma Budh’s statue, 
What send out by itself.

 Statue seems as the ocean of 
 Peace what is waiving by its tides,
That rinse faces of devotees, who
 Rejoice by dives into peace ocean.

Seemed as just like deviant ,
Who neglected themselves, 
And carrying on watching, 
Due to peace drizzling on devotees.

All devotion take up with, 
No one wish tear away from 
Sure peace, What everyone pay  
life’s worth  to search for peace.

11:50pm  28/06/2017
PG 06
spiritual poems

This poem describes about the smiling of Mahatma Budh. What able to sprinkle of peace across the devotees crowd. So, read and enjoy this poem about spirituality Lord of Mahatma Budh.
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poems about money

Lust For Money

poems about money
poems about money

Lust for Money

No one has thirst for water,
No one has hunger for food,
No one has devotion to God,
No one has devotion to relationship,
Alone lust remain for money.

Everyone thirst for money,
Also hunger asks for money,
All concentration stay on money,
Core of heart adhesive to money,
That relation’s devotion turn to money.

But anyway, water, food, relative and,
Nature too essential than money,
Since, money answer for our devotion,
To hindrance our relationship & love.
Money stiction fade away all this.

Many times, forget thirst while earning money,
Avoid hunger many a time while on duty,
No let allow for any attention to enter in mind,
All stiction keep on earning money at duty,
No memory keep it up about around except money.

Availed opportunity for money,
Rather lost all other scope,
Only remember money way,
Neglected all other scope & way,
Resistance to sights and think except money.

9:10pm 27/06/2017

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sad deep poems about life

sad deep poems about life

Corona refresca poem describes about precautions about corona how to avoid from such life obstacle.

sad deep poems about life


Sad deep poems

Precautions of corona 

Please consider all abstain from, 

What essentials for survival life,

Owing to world lives by surviving soul, 

In rational abide by the instructions,

That inclined to obviate corona.


 Please no exertion would stale,

 No forget to carry on your work

 Through the perfect awareness,

 Anti virus products carrying on,  

 That help out in bring under.


As sanitizer, soap can be utilised,

Again & again after one to second

Hand work, wash hand as resulted,

Dry fruits could use also as walnut, 

Almond, cardamom anti infections.

Other Corona poetry

        Take vitamins c veritable as well

       As fruits like orange, lemon juice,

       Fried gram and kiwi that bear out

       The physical. Rather immunity of

       Body would be enhanced ever.


Little exercise is required daily,

Mostly comprehend the breath

As yoga ashasan also come off,

Habit inclined towards green veg,

Stay at homes, avoid crowd to be saved.


    Keep little distance from infectious ,

    Person, wear the mask at the outside,

    Prevent shake hands, No food share.

    However, do good towards patient.

    Precautions best, than treatment.

sad deep poems about life

This poem describes about corona’s precautions. Which are essential and save us. Because precautions is essential than treatment during the time of crisis of evil. So please consider this poem for self benefit concerned to our health. Poetry literary devices. 

Poetry literary devices


Corona refresca poetry | Corona refresca poetry |

Tell through your comments about the corona situation around you. Bj

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