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poems about fire

Fire of Australia

poems about fire
poems about fire

Fire of Australia

A dread kindle of Australia,
With pile of sins onto head,
What’s rigid reflection way,
What carrying on too miles.
At just sight burn down many
Innocent wildest, none mercy,
Keep on taste many hue birds,
Animals, Bush & various trees.
While walking at way this fire,
Many hand waves by civilians,
To put out flame’s   journey ,
Rather, put into lives too risk. 
All one run down at any cost, 
Wild living being that on way
Immolate turn to ashes storm
Doing dead loss, in full swing.
Whether, sins weight had over on 
Head, dread fire run by egotism,
All world gazing at appear whom,
Rather, no care by volcano blaze. 
Ashes scatter across world, 
With fountains of terror fire,
Flames high on by pile sins,
Justly fondle feet of rain God.
As heated conscious promptly, 
Rather, regret at ash epidemic,
At just strew rain to dispel fire,
Correspondingly relish worldwide.
However, no exertions loose on,
For help out for damage spices, 
Without any caste discrimination, 
Heartily salute to that civilians. 
poems about fire

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This poem describes about the fire of Australia what is too dangerous for all trees, herbs of forest and animals as well as birds. Which is exploded across the world by its terrorist attack on Australian fire .

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the modern age lyrics

The modern age lyrics 1 better

the modern age lyrics


the modern age lyrics
the modern age lyrics

Modern age has no Freedom 

Modern age has contained too complexities 
 Various environment availed in economy,
As different activities of person bound to met,
  As religion, social, political, economic & physical. 
the modern age lyrics
What never be ended during the whole life, 
 As one after another needs bound to starting, 
However, ended needs corresponding the end of life,    
Since, carrying on to the surviving life of subject,
Many complexities unable to man these make of,
 Due to many activities human being engaged much 
In these activities, That let not leave his operation, 
 What deprived him from the idleness,
People remain engaged by day and night activities, 
 Thus, every need answer for making complexities, 
In regarding, No one taking comfortable breadth.
the modern age lyrics
12:40pm    14/03/2020
This poem describes about modern age . As we know that all living being made machine in their work. So, not able to take comfortable breadth .

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