Best one Exodus 21 10

 Exodus 21  10 describes about African people surviving.

Exodus 21  10
Exodus 21  10

                ” Exodus 21 10″


Worn out and it flew, not that I hate the later wind that engulfed me, I’m just the ant that doesn’t get contented with what they call little portion.
Pull this, the old hair and that, blah blah blah.
Even I dance like a palm tree without beat,
I dance to the
Enjoy nature poetry direction of the wind. I ‘Eyo’ dance and sweat to the beat, I pour water out of me like a tap but, I tell you, unless you have inner eyes, the eyes you called light won’t see my sweat. They said I left trial and embrace laziness; and it spread itself to my brain and mind controlling me like a robot. Observers all around us, they open their socket, wide like an Owl in the night. I tell you, their own bat see clearly in broad day light, they fly in the nonsense during the day. I tripped with their nonsense misleading my driver upstairs. They the wind; and I the Palm tree, I dance to their direction. When I exodus with Enjoy love poetry my ignorance from their wind. They missed how I worn out and flew foolishly; and they hate.
  By Olayiwola
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