beauty poems for her

Statement of black eyes

beauty poems for her
beauty poems for her

Statement of Black eyes

Too stunning black eyes descry as,
As black clouds floating in firmament,
As if they are set off to pour rain,
In which diverse birds are fluttering by sloppy
As if they were waiting someone,
It looked like a pleasure park,
No one was looking for the right way,
Under the fluttering shadow of their.
The only inner ray of hope was waking up,
To discover a decent way,
That go to in the right direction,
It tends to the longing soul,
No exertion is going in vain,
Each effort is stepping towards the lover,
As if stunning black eyes are waiting tirelessly,
Whose threshold is ever open to welcome his steps.
A dream soul seem to be ornate on threshold,
A true and right loving soul has her in,
who can make her wishes come true of life,
Only long lasting being Awaited by Her, who’ll be able to bank on it.
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This poem describes beloved’s black-eyes. Which all statement of black-eyes are described by lover in this poem. You can comments on this poem after the reading this poem. So you can share this poem also. Anyone students who is floating in graduation class can visit on online study material.

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