Ranboo my beloved 2

Ranboo My beloved who made me a love cheating. My heart has been broken. Please console me.

Ranboo my beloved
Ranboo my beloved
You faced against my eyes to fight my heart,
To make me feel useless before your chosen,
And show her how immature i was,
My cries didnt even turn your eyes and heart
You felt her touch like that of an angel,
And her fake words the content inside the wine glass,
You neglected me with all the promises we had,
I swore to keep the promise that i belong to you,
You chose what your mind made over your heart,
Hurting me was one of your major vision of that year,
I gave up on you since your sweetness was replaced by lime,
Toast and cheers you have ended up to me criminals,
I dont want you back since once goods sold they are never returned,
Once the heart is broken none can make it like before,
You felt good like you felt with her in the middle of the night,
You deserve the best treat of an arrogant heart,
I cried more than you does, For now i hear your cries as cheers,
You deserve respect but i treat with disrespect,
Because i swear i dont want you back.
( Kenyanartwriter…. Dafina Catens )

Ranboo my beloved

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