What will happen if you don’t express love emotions ?

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Nobody can dislike the power of love. Whether it’s always attractive till The end of life in the angry person. Love has more power as compared to religious devotion.  
Love should not be considered as equivalent to friendship with girls alone. Rather, its definition is too advanced and epic. Which we need to be considered in our world culture. Which is required to spread across the world level. So, love is the biggest term across the globe.  What’s valuable must be considered by all humans in all societies across the world. 
Love message never be lost in the place of heart. Because it creates its place in every soul. 
Love must be shared also among our family including family members as parents and children. Love must be expressed on the three stages as follows. 

1. Family love-  This love asks for love from the family members. Which leads to our emotions towards each other.  Through which all problems will be maintained and solved throughout our emotions. When we live together with a family we have love towards any particular member of the family. As a dad, mother, grandfather, grandmother and so on. 

2. Friendship circles:-  This love message is shared across the friend circles. Which leads to humanity, socialising and liberty. Which influences their mind. Otherwise if we don’t disclose our love relation with friends which will be responsible for giving birth to jealousy. Which leads to destruction of our relationship on the way of life. So, love must always be disclosed among family members to whom we love.
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3. Girl friend love:- it should also be disclosed before your beloved. But don’t do it hastily, rather take some time to be considered yourself love towards your beloved. After self considered love let’s give time to your girlfriend to be considered your love. So, after realising your love to your beloved, then you are able to disclose your love before your beloved. Because she perhaps considered your love. But don’t keep your love in your heart forever about your girlfriend. Rather try to show your love response towards her conscious mind that recognises the virtue Of your love. Otherwise such storage of love in you will always destroy. So, don’t hesitate to show your love towards your beloved. 

We don’t like to conceal love if we have it for some particular person. Because we know love always flows itself towards someone. However, we must disclose it to that person to whom we love. Love never dies. Rather it exists forever. So love power influences us to disclose it. Our characteristics are created to disclose it. Whether it may be produced with body parts and eyes.

Please comment on this view on love and read and enjoy nature love which exists by nature on mother earth.
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What will happen if you don’t express love?

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Love messages

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