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Journey of Angry Lover and Beloved

There were a lover and beloved,
Whose love had broken up,
Now they irate to each other,
A little hate produced b/w them.

One day by coincidence,
They met in passenger bus,
And sit by order follow up,
On arranged seats of bus.

Lover behind the beloved seat,
Whether, they knew presence,
Of each other, yet too silent,
Though, they peep by concealing,

Many ideas arousing while
Journey, As like ticket taking
By one another, however
Unable to met these ideas.

Whether, internally intention was,
Being paid to one another, While
they diver into such thinks, They
reached on to Destination.

Due to Destination was same,
By get down from different doors,
Of the bus, at last keep all things in mind,
Catch their way by quietly deprived hand. rhyming poems

11:15 PM, 2/07/2017
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rhyming poems

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