short love poems for my boyfriend

short love poems for my boyfriend

                  Love and drops

One side going on drizzling, 

So, heavy drops exhausted soil by wetness, 

So, little water drops go through, 

The roof’s soil fell in. 

A exhausted lover sit under such roof, 

Beside his beloved memories, 

As thinking hunger for her, 

But, No shaking with drops sparking. 

Whether, come between 

By roof drops into his memories, 

However, he absorbed in his beloved, 

And remain cool down. 

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By coincidence, 

A call came from his beloved, 

what bring around to him, 

That done away with his beloved memories

Now his conscious eyes fallen, 

Upon his luggage, 

what all moisturised by drops sparking, 

But, nothing was left except wet luggage. 

Call cut by lover with promptly, 

And get ready to escaping luggage from, 

falling drops, Rather he cheered up with her phone call, 

what cleared off her memory at such a cruel crisis. 

4:20pm 29/04/2020

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short love poems for my boyfriend

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poems about flowers

Console of flower tree

Console of flower tree

As just little pink rose blossom,
Call in me by flower tree waving,

As his thorn hang on my shirt,
And disclose me offer to first rose,

For purpose of provide to my beloved,
This consideration for his look after,

What started it’s childhood age,
As I silent long time with eyes drops,

Through my silent it look through,
That, I have no girl friend still,

Thusly, my love problems it make of,
Leave my shirt, from his thorn,

And console me with suggestions,
To find true love as clear & clean heart

Girl, who complementary for your life,
Then, I would give you many red & Pink rose,

What tied up your true love life,
Whose scents you realised love perfection.
11:15am 31/05/2020

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poems about flowers

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