Horrific deaths

poems about death
poems about death

        Horrific deaths

I am tired…     
          I am tired….

Please mother,
I am not able to run more, 

My feet exhausted to answered me ,
Swelling floating on them,
Please tell me how much more to go,
Mother said,

Little more, little more, 
Don’t nervous at all,

We all with you, 
Walk little more,

At just near our destination, 
Poor child girl,

she hold back
By drag on… drag on,

Mostly 200 km have walked,

 Which go by 4 days, 
All faimly  whet Horrific her wearied,
    Yet, they hope of destinations,
Next days, one night captured at rail,
 While they were mid way of destinations, 
All paths they experienced,

Concerned with life analytics, 
they exhausted by physically and mentally,

No attention about the safe place,
Whatever place they get,

sleep on, 
As they asleep on between rail,

They were Labourer & poorest,
They hadn’t looked around that last day,

While they keep away from all tensions, 
While at they were in asleep,

No one conscious about death at darkest night, 
A goods train came what drag into all,

Pull down all souls towards the death, 
Alone make of rubbish carrion,

But, they poor no reckoned ever night, 
Because due to the lockdown situations,

Travelling wasted them without consideration,

pass away their life journey with starved,

No pity, grief,
sorrow bear by nature of such auspicious souls. 

11:52am    21-22/05/2020
poems about death
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poems about death

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