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About nature poems in English

About nature poems in English|About nature poems in English 

About nature poem
About nature poems in English 

             My cat 🐈 Way

About nature poems in English|
Hey my cat, hey my cat,
Do my follow, do my follow, 
Jumping up, dumping hush,
Run on way, go on way,
Haste makes, but no waste, 
Get on laughing, Stay tuned, 
Never play on fool or mule,
Make friends, but no taste, 
Met to people, but no reckon,
Keep on kinder, but no hinder,
Stay on head, mouth shed,
Happy, merry, carry on life.
About nature poems in English. 

About nature poem
About nature poems in English 

About nature poems in English| About nature poems in English 

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Nature poems haiku

Nature poems haiku
Nature poems haiku 


  Nature poems haiku Nature poems haiku |

  Night of squirrel’s family

A poor squirrel goes to daily for earning food,

It goes to various village for searching food,

One day gone away from his nest,

Night has captured him at midway,

It’s faimly in awaiting for his visit,

As his wife and children in worry,

It think about shelter at any place,

Where night pass by it,

Nature poems haiku Nature poems haiku |

After many exertions little sheesham,

Offer him for shelter to stay,

Other side his children in

Worried, due to non visit,

Night being passed gradually,

All in worry, whether at various places,

His family call down for his security ,

As dawn break, squirrel wake up,

As aroused ray of sunshine,

Nature poems haiku Nature poems haiku |

Pay thanks to sheesham for shelter,

Get off his journey again,

After some hour it come up to,

It’s nest, As his faimly eyes

Fallen on him, they delighted

By his come over whether they are

Starved, however hunger of them,

Satisfied with meeting him alive,

Nature poems haiku
Nature poems haiku 

Nature poems haiku Nature poems haiku |

Because, their negativity far away

By lay before his perfection visit,

They all hug with collectively by relish,

Rather, lay down his vow as lie for no go far,

Thusly, it describes about sense of love       among family of animals and birds.  

Nature poems haiku Nature poems haiku |

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A Friend of tree

About nature poem | About nature poem | About nature poem 

About nature poem
About nature poem 

About nature poem | About nature poem  |

                      A friend of tree

There was a boy who juvenile,

Who yowling from his adversity,

Under the big mango tree,

Reason asked for sobbing by it.

About nature poem | About nature poem |

        While, articulate the tone of tree,

        At promptly he got been silent,

        Rather respond by whispering, as

        Go on to study but unable to access.

About nature poem | About nature poem |

As to his parents too poor & Labours,

Incompetent to buy books &paid fees,

Thus, he assuaged by tree as help out,

And assured him for conferred study.

About nature poem | About nature poem |

        I would grant wood and mangoes,

        What’s bestowed for gain capital,

        Fund would spend on your study,

        Which competent to carrying on.

About nature poem | About nature poem |

By virtue of tree conferred graduation,

What’s made him capable to gained job,

After the job, forgotten the virtue of tree,

Who hear out in adversity as a true friend.

About nature poem | About nature poem 

          Now He, became rich and known,

          No little vex for pay off debt of tree,

          Who devoted his whole life to him.

          Whereas he got married, yet No heed.

 About nature poem | About nature poem |

Now, such student became old with

The corresponding ratio of tree’s age,

Once bear in mind that recognise virtue

Of old tree, what turned his life pleasance.

About nature poem | About nature poem |

Nothing was left to grant with poor old tree,

 Who stand by its dry branches &baldness,

  Pass sweet smiling  and nod for nothing,

  Rather murmuring, I am helpless at now,

About nature poem | About nature poem 

At appeared words, he crying like debut,

Because nothing done in regarding virtue of tree,

Now, nothing he had left to provide by oldest,

Not hold with tree by him while the youngest age.

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         About nature poem        

About nature poem
About nature poem 


                  Baffled Sparrow 

About nature poem 

A torrid day, 

A sparrow deviant from her herd,

Too long away her nest,

Waves of hotter baffled all,

A poor sparrow lost her conscious, 

Unable to flying up into sky,

Sweat drops falling on,

Day passing by hardly, 

No little attention came to her,

While she ponder to her home approach, 

A black clouds came with storm wind,

Which carry on faster on road of sky,

A poor sparrow attempted to diver into storm, About nature poem 

As just by divered, begun to push her by wind,

On the sky road she travelling without ticket, About nature poem 

Within few minutes a poor sparrow approach her nest, 

She pay thanks a lot for storm’s services without consideration. 

About nature poem 
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About nature poem 

Jewel of courtyard

Love poetry

           Jewel of courtyard 

Courtyard remain arrayed

By arid leaves, 

                                                                               visitant despising it by


Who call at and call out as


Aside from owner of courtyard


Who care for this rubbish from

The heart,

Never bring down his interest

Against trees,

That answer for trash leaves


Rather ready for cleanup by

Carry on,

No tension inclined to cleaning


Perhaps sightseer don’t have meant

For trees services,

Whereas owners interpret the service of trees as Without consideration,

Like on busy with the gifts of nature

As trees.

Sometimes hustle and bustle feel free

On this ground.

Rather no other thing found on this


Except  dried yellow leaves friction


Seemed as arrayed  of the courtyard

Like the jewellery.


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Rose garden of heart

     Rose garden of heart 

My eyes on feelings, 

My heart is sniffing, 

My waiting finished, 

While rose day came, 

           Rose plants grown,

           On the heart ranch,

           What I would like to, 

           Cultivate on this day. 

My eyes is looking for, 

Many couples with rose, 

Who lovers symbolises, 

What a love invitation. 

            But no one beloved, 

            Would reach out on, 

            Garden of my heart, 

            To jump at red roses.

So, garden of red rose, 

Would remain uncouth, 

To cultivate such roses, 

Put by the next rose day, 

            The owner of rose garden, 

             Never avoid such farming, 

             Wait upon black eyes way, 

             Who could walk off with. 

Hope of ray, never pass

 On and welcome to dawn,

Surviving the fading rose, 

Scents always, asks for her.

              But nature, never allow,

              To be immortal anything, 

              Waiting soul must set forth,

              Her love before fading rose.

This poem describes about the feeling of exhausted lover on rose day. So, read and enjoy it also. Tell through comments your enjoyment and celebrate your rose day.

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Fall day

Fall day 

A day shade marking of night,

Dazzle two Sukhchains densely,

I asleep under their dark shade,  

Curbed turn down rays of moon.

A lone darkest night floating on, 

A breezinng air blundering justly,

Existing night oblivious at whole, 

Apparently like an ecophobia.

Night compass by gradually,

Now time attained at dawn, 

Sun facile in timely duty, 

As in motion like the diurnal. 

Sunlit kick-off journey to earth, 

What all the souls warmth initial,

Sun of rays was penetrated, 

Inward the branches of trees .

As I unclose my eyes which, 

Rinse with the extensive rays, 

Rather astonished where has,

Gone to pale and green leaves. 

When I  got up from my cot ,

Sight fell on my mother earth, 

Which lay down a necklace, 

Around my cot that befit too.

I asked aback dear Sukhchains,

Trees that why fall off leaves for,

They little smile on by shaking,

Branches, again rained by leaves.

Also intimidated me through rasp

With feeble branches of them,

What rubbing on one another as,

A fall came, fall came dwell on .


 Read and enjoy it also the season of fall which able to rain on us by way of leaves. So, Tell your enjoy through your comments. 
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