Sparrows poem


Sparrows poem
sparrows poem

Baffled Sparrow

A torrid day,

A sparrow deviant from her herd,

Too long away her nest,

Waves of hotter baffled all,

A poor sparrow lost her conscious,

Unable to flying up into sky,

Sweat drops falling on,

Day passing by hardly,

No little attention came to her,

While she ponder to her home approach,

A black clouds came with storm wind,

Which carry on faster on road of sky,

A poor sparrow attempted to diver into storm,

As just by divered, begun to push her by wind,

On the sky road she travelling without ticket,

Within few minutes a poor sparrow approach her nest,

She pay thanks a lot for storm’s services without consideration.

12:40pm 01/06/2020

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leaf poem

Jewel of courtyard

leaf poem
leaf poem

Jewel Of Courtyard

Courtyard remain arrayed
By arid leaves,

visitant despising it by

Who call at and call out as

Aside from owner of courtyard

Who care for this rubbish from
The heart,

Never bring down his interest
Against trees,

That answer for trash leaves

Rather ready for cleanup by
Carry on,

No tension inclined to cleaning

Perhaps sightseer don’t have meant
For trees services,

Whereas owners interpret the service of trees as Without consideration,

Like on busy with the gifts of nature
As trees.

Sometimes hustle and bustle feel free on this ground.

Rather no other thing found on this

Except dried yellow leaves friction

Seemed as arrayed of the courtyard
Like the jewellery.

4:50pm 07/04/2020

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Fall day

poems about fall
poems about fall

Fall day

A day shade marking of night,
Dazzle two Sukhchains densely,
I asleep under their dark shade,
Curbed turn down rays of moon,

Alone darkest night floating on,
A breezing air blundering justly,
existing night oblivious at whole,
Apparently like an ecophobia.
Night compass by gradually,
Now, time attained at dawn,
Sun facile for in timely duty,
As in motion like the diurnal,
Sunlit kick-off journey to earth,
What all the souls warmth initial,
Sunlit of Rays was penetrated,
Inward the branches of trees,

poems about fall

poems about fall
poems about fall


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Haiku poems about nature in English 007 best poem

Haiku poems about nature in English

About nature poem

About nature poem
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      Puzzle of weaver bird in duckweed

There was too hot summer,
Whether the time of twilight,
Poet wandering while the time,
On the bank of dry canal
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    And watched full of duckweed,
    That much thickly and heightens,
   Rather,  it realized hottest all around,
   The environment of such herbs.
Haiku poems about nature in English |
A poor weaver bird had puzzle,
Not little conscious at just while,
As unfixed his moving position,
up & down, one branch to another.
Haiku poems about nature in English
   Poet also unable to considered,
   It’s puzzle, seemed as no answer,
  Anyhow, by deep watching & hunt out,
  A puzzle likely due to scorching day.
8:32pm     22/06/2017 About nature poem
About nature poem
About nature poem

About nature poem | About nature poem

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