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A Friend of tree |

A Friend of tree

sd There was a boy who juvenile,

Who yowling from his adversity,

Under the big mango tree,

Reason asked for sobbing by it.

While, articulate the tone of tree,

At promptly he got been silent,

Rather respond by whispering,

as Go on to study but unable to access.

As to his parents too poor & Labours,

Incompetent to buy books &paid fees,

Thus, he assuaged by tree as help out,

And assured him for conferred study.

I would grant wood and mangoes,

What’s bestowed for gain capital,

Fund would spend on your study,

Which competent to carrying on.

By virtue of tree conferred graduation,

What’s made him capable to gained job,

After the job, forgotten the virtue of tree,

Who hear out in adversity as a true friend.

Now He, became rich and known,

No little vex for pay off debt of tree,

Who devoted his whole life to him.

Whereas he got married, yet No heed.

Now, such student became old with

The corresponding ratio of tree’s age,

Once bear in mind that recognise virtue Of old tree,

what turned his life pleasance.

Nothing was left to grant with poor old tree,

Who stand by its dry branches &baldness,

Pass sweet smiling and nod for nothing,

Rather murmuring, I am helpless at now,

At appeared words, he crying like debut,

Because nothing done in regarding virtue of tree,

Now, nothing he had left to provide by oldest,

Not hold with tree by him while the youngest age.

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10:pm 26/12/2019

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