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On death poem

On Death Poem on death poem 
On Death Poem  on death poem 
On Death Poem
On Death Poem 


On Death Poem  on death poem on death 

I am tired…  on death poem on death poem 

 I am tired….  on death poem on death 

Please mother, I am not able to run more, 

 My feet exhausted to answered me ,

Swelling floating on them,

 Please tell me how much more to go,

Mother said, on death poem on death poem

 Little more, little more, 

Don’t nervous at all,

 We all with you, 

Walk little more, on death poem 

 At just near our destination, 

Poor child girl, she hold back

By drag on… drag on,

Whereas,  on death poem on death poem 

Mostly 200 km have walked, 

 Which go by 4 days,  on death poem 

All faimly what Horrific her wearied, 

 Yet, they hope of destinations,

Next days, one night captured at rail, 

 While they were mid way of destinations, 

All paths they experienced,

 Concerned with life analytics, 

they exhausted by physically and mentally, 

 No attention about the safe place,

Whatever place they get, sleep on, 

 As they asleep on between rail,

They were Labourer & poorest,

 They hadn’t looked around that last day, 

While they keep away from all tensions, 

 While at they were in asleep, 

No one conscious about death at darkest night,  on death poem on death poem 

 A goods train came what drag into all,

Pull down all souls towards the death, 

 Alone make of rubbish carrion, 

But, they poor no reckoned ever night, 

 Because due to the lockdown situations, 

Thusly, travelling wasted them without consideration,  on death poem 

 Rather, pass away their life journey with starved,  on death poem on death poem 

No pity, grief, sorrow bear by nature of such auspicious souls. On Death Poem 

On Death Poem | On death Poem | 
Read and console on such miserable accident by nature situations,  To which poor would have to be fallen into the volcano of death. Please keep in mind 🙏 the revenge of nature on mother 🌎. On death poem. 

Corona refresca

Corona refresca essential power +13

                      Call down 

Please call down, call down,
It’s time to bowed ahead nature,
Seemed such crisis of carona as,
Antipathy b/w human and nature,
Please call down, call down……..
  Corona refresca
All world being captured by disaster,
Firstly human come upon nature,
Now time came for the human being
As retaliate in order to their results,
Please call down, call down……….
In meritocracy answers for fatal,
Rather come between xenophobia,
Autophoby, ecophobia & zoophobia
No people clear off nature’s go over,
Please call down, call down…….
Corona refresca
Perhaps, no one deprived potency’s
Cognition of nature, Please all world
Must bowed virtue of  nature with the
aim of take away blanket of disaster,
Please call down, call down………
3:50pm  27/03/2020
PG 95
Corona refresca
This poem has been written for prayer to the nature. So as to not to be spread it’s disaster. Because everyone is influenced by it’s waving. Read it And pray to nature for lifting such crisis ailment.

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Corona refresca

Corona refresca best poetry

Corona refresca poem describes about precautions about corona how to avoid from such life obstacle.


Poetry literary devices 

Poetry literary devices
Poetry literary devices 

Precautions of corona 

Poetry literary devices 

Please consider all abstain from, 

What essentials for survival life,
Owing to world lives by surviving soul, 
In rational abide by the instructions,
That inclined to obviate corona.
          Please no exertion would stale,
          No forget to carry on your work
          Through the perfect awareness,
          Anti virus products carrying on,  
          That help out in bring under.
As sanitizer, soap can be utilised,
Again & again after one to second
Hand work, wash hand as resulted,
Dry fruits could use also as walnut, 
Almond, cardamom anti infections.
Other Corona poetry
        Take vitamins c veritable as well
       As fruits like orange, lemon juice,
       Fried gram and kiwi that bear out
       The physical. Rather immunity of
       Body would be enhanced ever.
Little exercise is required daily,
Mostly comprehend the breath
As yoga ashasan also come off,
Habit inclined towards green veg,
Stay at homes, avoid crowd to be saved.
    Keep little distance from infectious ,
    Person, wear the mask at the outside,
    Prevent shake hands, No food share.
    However, do good towards patient.
    Precautions best, than treatment.

Corona refresca poetry 

This poem describes about corona’s precautions. Which are essential and save us. Because precautions is essential than treatment during the time of crisis of evil. So please consider this poem for self benefit concerned to our health. Poetry literary devices. 


Poetry literary devices


Corona refresca poetry | Corona refresca poetry |

Tell through your comments about the corona situation around you.