Corona refresca essential power +13

                      Call down 

Please call down, call down,
It’s time to bowed ahead nature,
Seemed such crisis of carona as,
Antipathy b/w human and nature,
Please call down, call down……..
  Corona refresca
All world being captured by disaster,
Firstly human come upon nature,
Now time came for the human being
As retaliate in order to their results,
Please call down, call down……….
In meritocracy answers for fatal,
Rather come between xenophobia,
Autophoby, ecophobia & zoophobia
No people clear off nature’s go over,
Please call down, call down…….
Corona refresca
Perhaps, no one deprived potency’s
Cognition of nature, Please all world
Must bowed virtue of  nature with the
aim of take away blanket of disaster,
Please call down, call down………
3:50pm  27/03/2020
PG 95
Corona refresca
This poem has been written for prayer to the nature. So as to not to be spread it’s disaster. Because everyone is influenced by it’s waving. Read it And pray to nature for lifting such crisis ailment.

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7 thoughts on “Corona refresca essential power +13”

  1. Human always do mistakes and after mistakes he/she didn't want to get punishment.Now carona is the result of all mistakes done by humans with mother land and nature.

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