Suffering from success

Suffering from success-11

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Suffering of poors

Poverty is nothing less than a curse,

Lakhs difficulties here,

Thousands confusion here,

Unlimited pain here,

Birth pushes out to be lifeless,

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Death eats inside,

Pains and suffering here,

Have to endure alone,

friends also not make,

No one also in love affairs,

Poor are a mocking character

No one sympathizes with him,

if their hard work flows a success,

Then the rivers of people’s hatred flow,

Suffering from success

No one listen them,

All one bothers them,

Yet they endure all the pain,

Because they are struggling

With the issue of livelihood,

There is anyone whose

Tears can reflect a pity,

it seems no community lives here,

Who can engage in the service

Of human beings without meaning,

Suffering from success

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