how deep is your love chords

how deep is your love chords

how deep is your love chords

Which love is better? One side love or Both sides love. Which is best ?
One side love and Both side love are two phases of one coin. Which tossed love of lovers on the journey of love. Because both are concerned with love. Both phases float in the river of love. Only one biggest difference is that one side loves to run alone on the love journey road. Whereas both sides love walks on the corresponding side.  how deep is your love chords

Some important perceptions of one side love.

One-sided love is now not love. It’s torture.
how deep is your love chords
It’s ready for some thing that would possibly in no way happen. It’s searching at any individual who doesn’t see you. It’s wondering about any person day and night whilst you probably in no way go through their mind. It’s searching on your telephone hoping they’d textual content you or name you as they name any person else. It’s accomplished out to them with so much fervor as they reply with indifference.

One-sided love is no longer love. It’s a battlefield. how deep is your love chords how deep is your love chords

You’re struggling with your emotions. You’re combating your feelings. You’re scuffling with reality. You’re fighting the entirety of humans telling you and believing your fantasies. You’re fighting your very own intuition. Your gut. Your logic. Your heart. It’s a struggle you can’t win. A battle you can’t stop. It’s dropping over and over again. It’s surrendering to something that will ultimately ruin you.

One-sided love is no longer love. It’s heartbreak. how deep is your love chords

It’s one man or woman giving and the other one is taking. It’s one man or woman loving and the difference is now not even moved. It’s one man or woman continually hoping for something extra whilst the difference is warding off the concern altogether. It’s one man or woman inclined to do something to make it work and the difference is now not even wondering about it. It’s one character constantly crying and the other one is constantly laughing.

One-sided love is now not love. It’s self-destruction.
how deep is your love chords
It’s questioning your self confidence each and every night. It’s continuously thinking why you’re now not enough, why you in no way get picked, why you’re by no means the chosen one. It’s amplifying each minor flaw. It’s searching at yourself and now not liking something about you. It’s mendacity in mattress overthinking the entirety you’ve stated and accomplished due to the fact it ought to have been something you said, it should have been you. It’s feeling like you’ll by no means be cherished due to the fact no one used to be capable of loving you back. No one you honestly desired.

One-sided love is no longer love. It’s a crush. It’s infatuation. It’s an obsession. how deep is your love chords

It’s like the concept of someone. But actual love is by no means one-sided. Real love is reciprocated. Real love is patient. Real love is understanding. Real love is two humans embarking on a first-rate ride collectively with all its ups and downs. It’s two humans willingly selecting every other. It’s two humans making an attempt to take delivery of every difference and love the worst components of one another. It’s two humans promising to be there for every difference in ailment and in health.

One side love how deep is your love chords
However, don’t neglect any love which is created for you. My experiments give some thought on two types of love as one side love and Both side love. 
Don’t avoid any love in your life. You just need to recognize it. Every love pays best to life. There are many highlighted lovers and beloved who fall under this system. But in this modern society many lovers and beloved are deprived of their love. Which is going to verse their favour. As we know we are all part of this modern society. Under which everybody is influenced by their all around environment. 

One side love tasks about one side love. Read Love Poems

So, one side lovers are many on this planet whose efforts are being wasted. Because their beloved are unable to conceive their love. However their endeavors are continuing towards their beloved. One side loves to bear his/her love on their heart. They are bound to get taunted by their society. One side loves to eat the body of souls internally like termite. Which leads towards the life destroyed of lovers. One side gives sorrow internally which rather keeps free from the other side’s lover and beloved who doesn’t have love for them. 

My view on one side is love which is created by many experiments through analysis. 

It creates massive love for all living beings like human beings, animals, birds and trees. 

It avoids cheating with anyone. 

One sided love always keeps a busy heart towards the beloved and lover the other girl loves rather than keeping busy in his/her love. 

One- sided love brings purity in us due to the fact that here, we are equipped to sacrifice small matters except letting our love know.

His/her smile makes us smile.

His/her presence silently helps our heart.

The happiness of secretly searching deeply into his/her eyes is the best.

It’s exciting to stare at him/her in a superb way, barring letting everyone know.

The one sided love that does no longer exist for everyone honestly skill the whole thing to u.

There is no concern about getting the coronary heart damaged due to the fact you do not count on whatever from your love as you understand that he/she doesn’t love you now although you love him/her.

Thus we understand what unconditional love is !

One side loves better if it is silent for disclosure of love before beloved. Where their lover can expect negative feelings towards their love. One sided love always disappoints the lover’s soul. Love is an extract of feelings about consciousness. Which boils by the attraction of the beloved. On which floating is difficult for one side lovers. They are bound to dive in such boiling rivers again and again. Which certain the end of life of all one side lover and beloved. 

Both sides love inscribed love through both sides. 

On the other hand, both sides of love give much pleasure to life. Which spread waves of peace towards both sides. Which may provide long lasting life. But both must-have love for each other which satisfies their souls from the core of their heart.  This statement applies only to true love. Rather it excludes fake love which describes something against expected love from beloved and lovers. Such souls survive life like the fragrance of flowers which can’t be separated from flowers. 

My view on both side love 

It keeps both lovers happy if they fulfill both sides’ expectations. 

Both sides love to construct loving and healthy lives. 

Both sides of love give more opportunity to more understanding about closely living life. 

Love of both sides enhances the life of exposure. 

Two sides love realising four eyes of one soul. 

Both sides make strong sense about eternal love. 

Both sides love like a pillar of two souls that always support. 

No scope of aloneness between both sides of love. 

But, there are rare personalities who achieve this love by luck on this planet. Mostly one sided love due to the ideals of the society of the world. So, if any lover or beloved strikes with a love opportunity, don’t miss it.

Note:-  But there must always be attention towards your own parents whose debt is floating behind your life. Your parents are ultimately the developers of your life. So, we must apprehend our feelings with their expectations as per their aspirations. As every parent is proud of their children. 

But, love is not a bad thing, rather it is the solution to life ‘s puzzle. It is a Natural gift for the life of a lover and beloved. Love is that medicine which cures every disease of life. Because true love never asks anything except true love. Which is a pillar of life that always supports us on all occasions during all storms of life.
how deep is your love chords

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