out from under modern love corset best 1

 Modern Love |

out from under modern love corset

Love asks love at anytime,

In modern day’s it fountain

Comes out from miracle

Weapon, as a mobile phone.


 What keep on busy lovers,

 In their core interest, that also

 Contains video calling, pic sms,

 As meet with the proof of lusting.

out from under modern love corset

But, true love hasn’t contained

Such thing, What only contained

Reconcile the two soul hearts,

By way of internally spirits.


 Thus, colloquy on mobile is

 Only a game of brain, where

 Modern lovers play by carefully

 Tricks and strategy, but love go out.

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More dialogue is not essential,

On path of true love, but mobile

Uncognize the worth of true love,

Only quite sight adequate to honey.

out from under modern love corset

 Rather, it revokes the path of true love,

 That, deviates the lovers to Destination,

 Mobile seemed knock about many hearts,

 Whereas, it together so many world hearts.

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This poem describes about the situation of modern love. What is carry on by modern lovers.

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16 thoughts on “out from under modern love corset best 1”

  1. Good concept ��
    In this poem, you describe the Truth of our youth.

    True love is like a ghosts everyone talks about the true love but few people have seen.

  2. True love doesn't need daily conversation or explanation and which love need this there is only a attraction between them or not love.

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