Poems about nature

Justice of nature

            Justice of nature 

Winter comes , winter comes,

All living being got attention towards

The extreme winter, that obstacle for

Every work to managing to earning food.

Such living being as human, animals, birds,

Trees and herbs. Out of these human has many,

Alternative to avert such farthest winter, as

By uses quilts, blankets, wool clothes, shoes.

But poor plants, animals, birds apprehend

By the Tension of extremely winter yet, due to

No alternative avoiding such cold weather,

They all plunged in worrying that gets combat.

While they’re meditating, night had passed

Dawn break out, now all feeling to cold at

Such time, as just rays of sun fallen on them

Their eyes filled with delight, the gift of sun.

As seemed, their trouble has got far away ,

Because they conceived. The sun is only

Weapon of nature, whose rays give warmth

To them during the session of winter.

Therefore, judgement of nature would

Remain justice at anytime and anywhere

With all living being, what all is

Floating with the lap of nature.

poems about nature
Poems about nature
poems about nature
poems about nature

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