why is poetry important in education?

why is poetry important in education?

Everybody would like to enhance their knowledge. But his/her knowledge depends upon his learning habits. If he/she tries to take knowledge by continue then he/she will be able to go for mass knowledge.  As we know that every experiment responsible for learning something by their using.

By creating interest to writing stories and poetry will be helpful for learning language knowledge. There are following some point which can be considered to be learning language by writing poetry and stories about any subjects. why is poetry important in education?

1. GRAMMATICAL LEARNING:- Many learning opportunities would be arised during poetry and stories writing concerning with the grammatically portion of language. Grammatically improving habits must be apprehend by regularly. So our grammar mistakes, errors will be removed day by day with the practice of writing poetry and stories during on going learning life.

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why is poetry important in education

2. VOCABULARY LEARNING:-  Every person learns from his habit of learning whether it’s grammatically learning or vocabulary learning.  So by writing poetry and stories our vocabulary will be enhanced on the path of learning. These vocabulary may have deepen meaning in their sense.  why is poetry important in education?

3. PHRASES:- Many phrases of words can be learned with the help of writing poetry and stories.  Because many poets have rich wealth of words of phrases which they get from their writing poetry habits. As we know almost all poetry collections contain phrases. Which phrases have unique meaning in their sense.

4. RHYME:- Rhyme is also a part of our learning. Which feels melody to our hearts. These Rhyme frequently floats in poetry writing. Which convenience feeling for our mind or hearts. So, writing poetry produced Rhyme which is also a part of learning. 

5. DEEPEN WORD MEANING WRITING SKILLS:- By writing poetry and stories our deepen word writing skills. Which will not be happen unless. THESE words will be improved our poetry and stories writing skills on learning way of language.

So, these are essential points which can consider by learning language knowledge on the way of writing poetry and stories. Which will be responsible to enhance our language knowledge from around about.

So, produce your opinion by writing poetry and stories which will corresponding enhance your language learning knowledge. If you’re students then you can visit on online study material. why is poetry important in education?

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