How to become a poet writer

how to become a poet writer

What should I study to be a poet?
There must be a heart who feels love about nature and human beings represents a true poet?  Without feelings, never be a poet. So feelings arising love and sadness. 

There are so many poets.  Whether they are different in their language. As we know that they all expressed their thoughts in their local language. These thoughts were used to convert into different modes as stories, thoughts, poetry and quotes etc.  However some authors and poets have expressed their ideas and opinions in other languages. There are many languages such as English,  French, Italian, urdo, arbi, Spanish and Punjabi. All these represent the content of every heart. 

There are some important points which need to be kept in mind. 

1. INTERESTS:-       First of all interests must be created   into heart to do something or  become    an author and poet. Interests lead towards our                  destination whatever we think about         our life’s aim.  

What should I study to be a poet?

2. KNOW-HOW :- There must be little know-how about languages that would be realising thoughts in writing form. Without knowledge of language we can’t go ahead.  Basic language knowledge is sufficient to shake our bound of hearts thoughts. 

What should I study to be a great poet?

3. LITERATURE READING:-  Literature reading must be a part of life. Which enhances our knowledge towards Literature. Rather it would be helpful to enhance our thoughts. Which is responsible for deepening thinking. Whether reading should be from Facebook or any poetry website. 

4. FOUND OF WRITING:-  There must be writing towards our thoughts.  If we don’t write from our thoughts it remains a heap like dry leafs. So try to put it into writing form. Which takes some time to improve our deep thinking skills in our poetry path.

5. KNOWLEDGE AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER WRITERS:-  We should try to make relationships with other writers. Who may help us to improve our writing skills regarding our thoughts. These writers circle would be helpful to mould your thoughts.

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