Sister and brother poems

Sister and brother poems +21 Best ever poetry

This poem describes a community who must coordinate to each other like a children of mother earth. sister and brother poems.

     Let’s make a coordinate 

Let’s make a sister and brother,
Trying to know other needs,
Don’t make a difference,
We must not show off,

sister and brother poems

All needy for meals,
Red blood surviving all,
Oxygen consuming by all,
No one can avoid water,

Let’s play in the nature lap,
Nature contains human, animals, birds 
And tree who all our whole family members,
We can’t be happy without hustle of earth,

Let’s give help to others,
Don’t break aspirations of surviving,
Listen always shout of mother earth,
Who survive us after looking,

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Never give a pain your mother,
Whose lap warmth always,
Don’t lapse virtue of your mother,
Who never bias among its offspring,

Let’s make a brother sisters,
We all equal children of mother earth,
Don’t neglect abide by our earth,
Let us always be in Her will,
Sister and brother poems

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