Sister and brother poems

poems about brothers  |

Consider each one value 
poems about brothers
poems about brothers

Knowledge ask after to know- how

Know-how, What is going

Far away, No body is ready

To touch with their field of

core interest as back up,


Field of knowledge like the

Burning fire, which heats more

On burning otherwise cool down,

Same knowledge also fade away,


No one able to tell the taste,

What not consumed still,

Same knowledge could

Shake by carry on reading.


Knowledge same the true treasure,

What dig out from the pit of brain,

Knowledge’s worth able to bank on,

What adhesive to experience of life.


Dig out the knowledge view,

That reflect all we sister & brothers,

Must have the good image each one,

Never be pretend to quarrel anyway,

poems about brothers
Sister and brother poems
Enjoy this humanity poem which tell us about the society coordinate among each member across the world as a sister and brother poem. Comments on it as well as share it further.


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