Man of constant sorrow lyrics

Man of constant sorrow lyrics 01

Ask my pain from my night

Know real man of constant sorrow lyrics

How much i have love for you,

I wish you must measure my ways,

please called up any one night,

Who knew my waves of love,

When night would told you,

Appearance of my love come to you,

All night are going waking

To corresponding my open eyes,

Night is passed on my eyes way,

but night stayed upon my eyelids,

When it told you about counting stars,

Man of constant sorrow lyrics

Cold wind Pierce my ears,

Whose numb felt by listening,

Sometimes night dig out my sorrow,

Who given me shade around me,

My eyes keep twitching at

my beloved’s black eyes,

Whose brighten push my eyes

Towards the deep darkness,

So, only night know my suffering at night,

Voice of my beating heart could be listen,

In the silence of whose.

No one is around me who

Could support my suffering soul,

Except the darkest night 

11.04 AM   3/09/2022/

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