Statement of black eyes

Poems about love for him |
Poems about love for him
Love poem

   Statement of black eyes

Too stunning black eyes descry as,

Black cloud floating in firmament,

That competent to rainfall drops,

In which diverse birds flutter by sloppy,

As they in awaiting for someone,

What a criterion of pleasant garden,

No other way could be located,

Under the shade of fluttering birds, 


Only rays of hope yet lighting,

To discover the appropriate way,

What’s able to right direction,

Inclines to the awaiting soul,

No exertions state to occurred,

Rather in same ratio at each step,

That gorgeous black Twain eyes,

Without exhausted onto fussy,


At every second & step in awaiting,

For true and fair love who has her in,

Who might come true her desired,

Only true lover long lasting being

Awaited by Her, who able to bank on.

Poems about love for him |

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Read and enjoy this love poem from core of heart. Which describes her love for true lover.