Beach love

Beach Love

A couple in relish,
Who lover and beloved, 
Know the value of present life,
As no room for worried as if past and future.
Rather, rejoice present time by eating & drinking.

Only sun is a proof,
Under whose shade they sit,
Whether, summer shows it’s colour, 
But influence of none as though sea beach,
Some drinking going on with fast food by feel free, 

Moisture sand rubbing,
Under our thigh, legs and feet,
Alone one hands being used to drink,
Whereas, other hands let be used as handheld,
Some murmuring going on between them by constantly.

Ocean water also proof,
Who keeps himself to down,
Only gazed on them like a friend,
What no interfere carrying on them, 
Rather, awe on them by their exploring love.
beach poems
beach poems
beach poems

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This poem describes about the love what is reflected itself on the sand of beach. So, Read and enjoy it also then comments on it And share it further on your what’s app link or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

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