leaf poem

Jewel of courtyard

leaf poem
leaf poem

Jewel Of Courtyard

Courtyard remain arrayed
By arid leaves,

visitant despising it by

Who call at and call out as

Aside from owner of courtyard

Who care for this rubbish from
The heart,

Never bring down his interest
Against trees,

That answer for trash leaves

Rather ready for cleanup by
Carry on,

No tension inclined to cleaning

Perhaps sightseer don’t have meant
For trees services,

Whereas owners interpret the service of trees as Without consideration,

Like on busy with the gifts of nature
As trees.

Sometimes hustle and bustle feel free on this ground.

Rather no other thing found on this

Except dried yellow leaves friction

Seemed as arrayed of the courtyard
Like the jewellery.

4:50pm 07/04/2020

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Fall day

poems about fall
poems about fall

Fall day

A day shade marking of night,
Dazzle two Sukhchains densely,
I asleep under their dark shade,
Curbed turn down rays of moon,

Alone darkest night floating on,
A breezing air blundering justly,
existing night oblivious at whole,
Apparently like an ecophobia.
Night compass by gradually,
Now, time attained at dawn,
Sun facile for in timely duty,
As in motion like the diurnal,
Sunlit kick-off journey to earth,
What all the souls warmth initial,
Sunlit of Rays was penetrated,
Inward the branches of trees,

poems about fall

poems about fall
poems about fall


 Read and enjoy it also the season of fall which able to rain on us by way of leaves. So, Tell your enjoy through your comments. 
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