Punjab Election 2022: Who will be CM of punjab for “aam aadmi party” ?

Punjab election: who will be CM of punjab?
Punjab election 2022: who will be CM of punjab 


Election of punjab: aam aadmi party cm 

Everyone is excited to know about the face of CM of Punjab in the aam aadmi party. But mostly all people have doubts about different people who will be from punjab.  But, it is informed that chairman of “aam aadmi party ” kejriwal as well as other prime persons of the party leave the command of cm of punjab. As like bhagwant mann is also ignored about his candidature on the post of cm of punjab. Whereas in other parties if we talk, every mp and mla would like to get post of cm of punjab as in Congress and janata party of India. But, all people know that the “aam aadmi party ” is totally different from the other party for the purpose of making decisions regarding the CM of punjab. 

Punjab election: who will cm of punjab for “aam aadmi party ” 

So, all prime members of the party have decided to provide the opportunity for the selection of candidate for the position of cm of punjab. But every person agreed on the decision of selection of cm of punjab. So, it is a matter of praise for this party. Because they would not like to hold any things without the consent of the people of punjab. It is a positive thing for the successful journey and the first step on the first ladder to reach the top most. After making such considerations they have decided to LAUNCH A NUMBER AS 7074870748 for the general public. On which any person or people suggest them or express his/her desire to the name of the desired person to whom he/she has believed upon. 

Thus, this option goes to the hands of aam aadmi of punjab. In which almost everyone can contribute his/her desire to the name of selection of cm punjab. Whereas other parties have been decided indoors without the consent of the general public of punjab. As like the congress has produced the name of cm of punjab as like channi. So, every person has the same right to be selected for the CM of punjab. They all just need to miss a call on that number or they can send the message according to their choice for the selection of punjab. Thus, no one can decide about the selection of cm of punjab for the party of “aam aadmi party “. This right of people for the selection choice can be used upto the date 17 January 2022. After this date it will be closed the link for the choice of people for the cm of punjab. Since all people who would like to cast their choice regarding the opportunity of selection for cm of punjab must do so before the determined date.

Punjab election 2022: who will be CM of punjab for "aam aadmi party?
Punjab election 2022: who will be CM of punjab for “aam aadmi party “?

Punjab election 2022: who will be CM of punjab for “aam aadmi party “?

Note: probably there is one question in the minds of people that kejriwal may be selected as the CM of punjab. But we would like to blear that kejriwal has been denied to be selected for the posting of cm of punjab. He has said in the press of ROZANA SPOKESMAN channel through the youtube channel. Thus, no one is required to think about the candidature of cm of punjab regarding the candidate of kejriwal. If anyone would like to take such recent election information please follow this website. 

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