Rose garden of heart

     Rose garden of heart 

My eyes on feelings, 

My heart is sniffing, 

My waiting finished, 

While rose day came, 

           Rose plants grown,

           On the heart ranch,

           What I would like to, 

           Cultivate on this day. 

My eyes is looking for, 

Many couples with rose, 

Who lovers symbolises, 

What a love invitation. 

            But no one beloved, 

            Would reach out on, 

            Garden of my heart, 

            To jump at red roses.

So, garden of red rose, 

Would remain uncouth, 

To cultivate such roses, 

Put by the next rose day, 

            The owner of rose garden, 

             Never avoid such farming, 

             Wait upon black eyes way, 

             Who could walk off with. 

Hope of ray, never pass

 On and welcome to dawn,

Surviving the fading rose, 

Scents always, asks for her.

              But nature, never allow,

              To be immortal anything, 

              Waiting soul must set forth,

              Her love before fading rose.

This poem describes about the feeling of exhausted lover on rose day. So, read and enjoy it also. Tell through comments your enjoyment and celebrate your rose day.

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