Muse of love poetry

Muse of love poetry best 11


Muse of love poetry describes about the weightge of love.

         Weightage of love

A poor lover has melancholy,
On declared result of his failure,
By UGC net exam’s message,
Strained floating in heart & brain.
Muse of love poetry
No thing is being considered at just,
Only remorse is being contemplated,
Whereas seemed nothing is left,
 To life’s aspiration for outlook,
Muse of love poetry
As he drowned by anxiety,
What’s blocked every way of
Life, No one road is left to aim,
That might inclined toward life.
        Despite it, A coincidence of life
        That never conceived at life,
        What capable to lead a life,
        Contained ray of hope to life.
While thought of ocean stir,
A little message touched to him.
What brings cheer up for life,
Creation there fantastic tone.
Muse of love poetry
       Such notice in awaiting for ages,
       That approached over the affliction,
       What adept to vanish all distress,
       Rather create cheer waives in mind.
By fortuitous, A scent scattered,
Since, message come of beloved,
That inclined to success of love,
As fulfilled his deprived love life,
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       This little message turn up at night,
       On mingle happy New year 2020,
       Love success has more weightage,
       Over the failure of his life careers.
11:15pm    01/01/2020
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This little poem describes about the love weightage that how much stress & tensions floating on the brain of lover with the failure result of UGC. But he fallen into excitement by justly phone call from beloved,  with corresponding far away stressing and tension whatever lover’s aspiration towards his love from since many years ago. What all reflecting now after much time passed.

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Ki poem

Ki poem best 1

Motivational poems on success
Motivational poems on success 

Failure’s success

Motivational poems on success

All keep on afraid of failure,

No one ready to it’s back up,

Perhaps, see over as tear down,

Full of deprived way of success.

Ki poem             

Since, No one is ready ,             

To get the empty offer,             

As, all transactions asked,             

Consideration in each process.

Motivational poems on success

Since, failure is not bad,Keeps the power to teaching,

Some experience to subject,

Let, do act without failure afraid.

Ki poem

 Anyone could fail, again and again,           

While he/she engaged on any work,     

How any, little experience able to get

As failure reflect something allow of success. 

Failure provides also experience,

What survives the hope of success,So,

failure is not remain failure ever,

ratherTurns into success,

What need exhausted exertions.

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Who got destination way,               

Unless stumbling  lay down,               

Deprived from experience               

As Life’s worth success forever.

Ki poemPut back the negatives feelings,

Set for way of destinations of life,

Take over life accountability,

Let take to yourself life’s act.

Motivational poems on success

8:17pm  28:06:2017 

Motivational poems on success
Motivational poems on success
Motivational poems on success
Motivational poems on success

Motivational poems on success This poem describes about the rough afraid what have you expected from the failure results. But all these useless worry. However, by our attempts one day would come to us on which day success would get. Whereas, failure occurred more time but success’ s turn would come also. Motivational poems on success

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