Love poem with Rhyme

Love poem with Rhyme
Love poem with Rhyme 

Love poem with Rhyme | Love poem with Rhyme | Love poem with Rhyme 

   Heart and eye’s conversation 

Love poem with Rhyme |

You deal with cheating, 

 By occasionally, Heart said.

No way it’s my habitual way,

 Enter in anything, said eyes.

But, however also duty to, 

 Probe into anyone, Heart said.

Love poem with Rhyme |

But, I consider exterior souls, 

 Not checked inner taste of souls, eyes,

But, Mustn’t entry black eyes,

 Who came with black clouds, Heart, 

But, I am whole worst of colours,

 They came with peace of mind, eyes. 

How can you prove it by hard, 

 While black eyes being entered, Heart.

Love poem with Rhyme |

White absorbing the black icon, 

 That exploring light within darkest, eyes.

I think that are your colleagues, 

 No probed of whom ask after, Heart. 

But, now reside with have you 

 So, cognition could let you know, eyes. 

Now these made of tent on me,

 Too difficult to root out established, Heart 

Love poem with Rhyme |

I agreed with my snafu dealing, 

 Who ruled on you illegally by black Cloud, 

But, these black clouds exploring, 

 Night across the whole world, Heart. 

However, we would lead them, 

 When we met occasionally by our paths, 

Please…. do such let them know, 

 The life of heart-broken as extinguished,

Love poem with Rhyme |

Sure… let me met her eyes to console,

 And be cognitive the value of souls,

All poor hearts bound to met snafu, 

 What make of the eyes pocket, Heart. 

Eyes said, it takes two to make a raw,

 No alone me, rather both on the way.

Love poem with Rhyme
Love poem with Rhyme 

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