Deviant Rider

                  Deviant Rider

A horse rider going to uncertain

Whereas, too long distance covered, 

Rather fatigue falls on his across body,

However, going on, going on,

By coincidence a butterfly came to way,

What by untold flying ahead of rider,

Since, encourage to his approach to destination,

Carrying on to destination, carrying on,

That correspondingly step on ahead rider Horse,

Rider think, a innocent butterfly help out by,

Now, it is easy for rider to reach on destination,

What’s leaded by gradually through the butterfly,

What follow out by rider get on with butterfly,

After long time, a deviant rider able to reach his destination,

What destination come across by innocent tiny butterfly,

Thus, a little thing may also help out to approaching destination.

10:12pm 28/05/2020
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Butterfly poems

Butterfly poems for kids 11


About nature poems in English 

What a beautiful tiny butterfly,

Whose feather intershort colour,

Who unstable on the flowers,


And checked taste to honey ,

About nature poem in English 

  While scatter feathers too sttuning,

  What is too slender,


No weight on the leaves of flowers And long

  legs as well as toung help to taste .

Butterfly poems about death

It has no bounded for wandering,

Nature poem

Rather it has extreme freedom,

To always, As one to other flowers,

And one to other garden’s arena.

Butterfly poems

 Can’t be kept on particular flowers,

 Rather, engaged on searching

 Different delicious that sniff on,

 So, floating on flowers always,

  Butterfly poems about death.

Whereas, some park has prohibited,

By guardian and owners to entry,

Of strangers person and animals,

But no one has dare to stop it.


 Since it has greatest freedom,

 Which no one can deprived it,

  Thus, dependency on flowers,

 Realised the freedom to rejoicing.

Butterfly Freedom

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About nature poem in English 

Thus, this poem describes the freedom of butterfly. Which has freedom to wandered anywhere. Whereas as like the human being no need it passport ID.

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