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Happy vaisaki images

happy vaisakhi images

 Vaisakhi Revives Grief

Though lockdown was surviving yet,

However, no deficiency was found,

To expression that lies in idle mind,

All what, related to Vaisakhi festival.     Happy vaisaki images 

Vaisakhi expelled it’s colour by grief,

People ready to hustle and bustle

Whether for frying foods in home,

Whereas to affliction for jalayawala bagh.

There was a small family in village,

That contained one oldest father

With three brothers out of which,     Happy vaisaki images 

Two well educated & one addictive.

Happy vaisaki images Happy vaisaki images

But no bless with mother accompany,

 On the same day no manslayer expected,

 Eldest brother go away for milk,

Now Whereas in mood of irritation remain two.

Some murmuring answer for fall out with,

Both lay about on each other by weapons,

As bill hook, knife through cut throat,

No one present home except oldest father,

Who poor trying for end off to their

Quarrel, but unable to cool down them,

Rather poor, got wound on left arm,

Just at turn to call in neighbours.

Baisakhi images
Happy vaisaki images

Justly few had arrived for help but little control Now completely captured by injury

Both went to peak of fierce by just, While at eldest brother approached.

Too heartily felt sorrow by happening

Ahead, whereas some angry carry away

With the help of efforts of neighbours,

Only tears come out from painful eyes.

However, draw out the value of grief,

What floating across the world wide,

As seemed revives massacre by Vaisakhi,

whereas people get along frying snacks.

happy vaisakhi images

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  By Hira Lal Boot

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Zulu Love Poems


Zulu Love poems
Zulu love Poems

       Ask My Pillow 

Every night I Shed tears When I think of you How we used to be one I loved you ( SAD LOVE POEMS ) But still you left me Ask my pillow and sheets I would change them everyday Only to come and make them wet again Nothing breaks my heart than that But when I remember all our memories My tears run out like uncontrollable rain Because you were in my future, and present But that got wiped away by your hurtful words Now you’re ignoring me ( NATURE POEMS ) Like never been one before

By Wesani Letsoalo ( South Africa )


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Exodus 21 10

 Exodus 21  10 |  Exodus 21  10

Exodus 21  10
Exodus  21  10


                ” Exodus “

Worn out and it flew, not that I hate the later wind that engulfed me, I’m just the ant that doesn’t get contented with what they call little portion.

Pull this, the old hair and that, blah blah blah.
Even I dance like a palm tree without beat,
I dance to the
Enjoy nature poetry direction of the wind. I ‘Eyo’ dance and sweat to the beat, I pour water out of me like a tap but, I tell you, unless you have inner eyes, the eyes you called light won’t see my sweat. They said I left trial and embrace laziness; and it spread itself to my brain and mind controlling me like a robot. Observers all around us, they open their socket, wide like an Owl in the night. I tell you, their own bat see clearly in broad day light, they fly in the nonsense during the day. I tripped with their nonsense misleading my driver upstairs. They the wind; and I the Palm tree, I dance to their direction. When I exodus with Enjoy love poetry my ignorance from their wind. They missed how I worn out and flew foolishly; and they hate.
  By Olayiwola

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Funny winter poems

Funny winter poems | Funny winter poems |

Funny winter poems
Funny winter poems 


I’m crawling out of this season of hard cold winter,

That stayed long enough. The bottom of my feet kicked up dirt on the hard asphalt. When I planted a mango tree it smelled of raw earth — Pulsing sun, dirt, and water. I do remember this. I pinned summer light upon my back And made no apologies for the space I took up — Barely clothed and sun-burned.
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Now, a ball of cotton in the grey sky. The sun rolls low on the horizon, hangs, Then dips behind a city block; Wind howling us into the night. Inside in the erratic rhythm of this flickering Shadows and light, I conjure up the potent sky of the longest day; Seeds, with a whole galaxy inside them. Cicadas vibrating outside On the branches of a giant neem tree. I never expected to find myself in such a cold place, My hands dry out against the cold. I let the memory out, let it linger on the horizon, Some kind of flying like a kite — again and again. I loosen the buckles of my mind to fly back in time, To the days of dried out paddy fields, and herds of cattle — I let it stay there. By Mukut Borpujari

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Holi kab hai | Happy holi 2022 | Image of holi | History of holi

Holi kab hai | Happy holi 2022 | Image of holi | History of holi

holi kab hai |
Image of holi 

Holi kab hai, Know it more history of holi.

Holi kab hai 2022 | Holi kab hai 2022 |

History of holi | Image of holi

Holi festival is known as the colour festival. Which is celebrated by application of colors on different persons who may be friends, relatives, families and lovers & beloved. Happiness is disclosed among our society and the community in which we live. All of this festival is celebrated across India. However some neighboring countries of India also celebrate it like Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. HOLI festival is considered a love expression festival among our community and society. To which we belonged to all by directly. Many Indian people wait for this festival to explore their love. 

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History of Holi

There are different views about the festival’s history. But we will disclose the history of India. However, it is concerned with the Hindu and Sikhism religious as per the history.

  1. Hinduism – If we go back to our history in the religion of Hindu. Then we found two facts. There are the following facts.

Holika- Some of our elder people said that the holi festival came to existence after the death of prahlad aunt. Who would like to burn her nephew as per the order of her brother. Who was the father of prahlad.  As per the plan she was ready to kill him ( perladh ) by fire through burn. But perladh is a devotee of lord Vishnu due to virtue of him prahlad hadn’t got any fire or injury in the lap of holika. But Holika had finished by fire herself except the perladh who sat in the running fire. When prahlad escaped from sinner Holika. All people wondered at such a miracle upon such a sight. They call holi holi by holding the ashes of her body in their hands. They scatter and dispersion these ashes upon each other. They were happy on that day when Prahlad survived whereas Holika would like to kill him. From the same day people of India celebrated holi across the country.

  •  Radha Krishna history

Some people know this fact about Radha Krishna. Who were true lovers and beloved across the earth planet. They loved each other by the same ratio. So they would like to express their love across the world. So love is known as colorful in itself. Which needs to be expressed by other artificial colors. So they did the same as Radha and Krishna played each other by color. Since the same, this game is known as a love game which is played among lovers. However Krishna played holi with other gopiya who love him from the core of hearts.

  1. Sikhism – Not probably here who don’t know the festival of holi at anandpur sahib. Which is played by the Sikhism devotees for the purpose of disappearing casteism among different societies and communities. They are considered all humans or devotees the same. Who are considered family of Sikhism. Because the imposed color on faces disappeared our identity and rather expressed we are the same community, we are the same people and we are servants to our people.

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When holi comes

Holi comes in the month of March. As per the Indian months it comes at the end of phaggan or beginning of the Chetra months.  This festival comes every year which is celebrated by Happily across India. However, its date may be changed every year. In which this festival falls. We would like to mention this festival when it is held during this time period.

Holi festival runs during the following period.

10 September Thursday to

18 September Friday

Last Hola Mohalla 19 September (Saturday)

As per the time period of Indian origin people can celebrate this colorful festival and they can share and express their love for other societies which is a symbol of common community festivals across the country.

Image of holi
holi kab hai

Comments your celebration what ways you would like to explore this colourful festival.

Best holi poems in english

Best Holi Poems In English |

Holi poems | Holi poems |
Best holi poems in english
Holi poems 


Holi of Black-eyes color

Holi came, Holi came,

Many colors also came,

Carry on reflection by same,

Painted all faces on the way.

Various favour to each one,

Difficult to options them,

Nature always dispersion,

Merry networks grow on,

Love mingled with colors,

Whose felicity on minds,

Lay off the gap of deprived love,

Zeal boosts the career of oeuvre,

All hearts influenced by variety

Colors, what are badge of life,

Every souls dive into colorful

River, that waves by sun rays,

Soul of water drenched also,

Among various colors spark,

But my heart is absorbed by

Black color through black-eyes.

As being have afraid of black color,

That not a fall short off on souls,

But i am standby black colour,

What taint endorsed on my heart.

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Enjoyed holi poems with reflection of nature and love colors. That have influenced on each life of souls.

Sister and brother poems

Sister and brother poems | sister and brother poems |

Consider each one value |

Sister and brother poems
Sister and brother poems 

Knowledge ask after to know- how

Know-how, What is going

Far away, No body is ready

To touch with their field of

core interest as back up,


Field of knowledge like the

Burning fire, which heats more

On burning otherwise cool down,

Same knowledge also fade away,


No one able to tell the taste,

What not consumed still,

Same knowledge could

Shake by carry on reading.


Knowledge same the true treasure,

What dig out from the pit of brain,

Knowledge’s worth able to bank on,

What adhesive to experience of life.


Dig out the knowledge view,

That reflect all we sister & brothers,

Must have the good image each one,

Never be pretend to quarrel anyway,

Sister and brother poems
Sister and brother poems 

Enjoy this humanity poem which tell us about the society coordinate among each member across the world as a sister and brother poem. Comments on it as well as share it further.