Why is Mahashivratri darkest night? Let’s know

We can know, Why is Mahashivratri darkest night? There is one logic behind this concept which we need to understand. Let’s know.

Shiva means that which is nothing and that which is nothing is everything. This Shakti is Shiva which is also found in molecules and atoms. Which we can understand from the idol of Nataraja. The great scientists of the world have installed this statue in the Geneva Lab in Switzerland. We bow down to him.

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The Shiva element is the element with which the entire universe is connected. No object or being is separate from the existence of Shiva. Thus we can say that Shiva is everything and that which is not is also Shiva.

Now we will explain with an example why the night of Shivratri is the blackest night. We have heard the name gravity. People say that there is a force of gravity on the earth. which draws everything to its origin. But the earth also revolves around the sun. And even the sun and the moon are not fixed.

Then what force binds them. It is important to understand here that there is one power that pervades the entire universe. Now we can understand that black energy sustains the entire universe. The dark energy that holds all the planets and the entire universe together as one system.

Why is MahaShivratri darkest night?

Now it can be concluded that the blackest night is the night of Shivaratri. What represents us is the force that stabilizes the entire universe. This black night is the origin of the entire universe.

why is MahaShivratri darkest night?

Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva got married on this day. All the darkest energy of the universe collect on this day. Which becomes the blackest night. Because of this we can understand why the blackest night happens only on the day of Shivaratri.

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