The oak tree poem of the best 1

This the oak tree poem tells us about the sorrow of tree which they have to face in the winter season. But by reading such poem we can understand the value of tree in the winter season.

The Tree Spoke

What then if winter came,

What then if my shade became chilly,

What then if my worth aren’t now,

but remain,No one’ll like to sit under my fallen branches.

However my existence might be felt,

When you walk on the road of breath,

you can’t never stop your journey,When you stop,

your whole life will end.

The oak tree poem

Alone winter season will never immortal,

Many other seasons have been sheltered,

With the lap of nature in her bosom also,

As much as nature leaves by turn.

But desires of breathing would remain,

With equally ratio throughout the all seasons,

Always on the threshold of your life,

Who outlive with the swaying of my leaves,

Granted you love the warmth of the sun now,

But you’d rather enjoy shade in the summer,

Cool air of mine will rescue,

you from summer rays,

The value will never be ended,

If anyone outline from the lifeway,

Let me live a long life,

If you have desire too. keep on staying.

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Thus, kindly accept my invoke,

And put down your axe,

let me live a happily forever,

So as to keep your life blissful.

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