Love of heart

Poems about love for him
sad poems

                 Love of heart 

A one side lover has extreme love,

At every step absorbed in beloved,

No care about any other things, 

However, survive hope to build up her.

sad poems

 But it’s game of life not like other games, 

 That might carry off by physically tricks,

 These has various methods to come in for, 

 As strategy, tricks and formulae to overcome.

sad poems

Brain plays important role in such games,

But it failed in game of true love at always,

Only heart alone has power to win game,

What come by game of love at anytime.

sad poems

 Because at the path of love many problems may be

 Raised, what could be considerate by brain to step in,

 But heart no consider any merit & demerits quite stick to

 Rather, keep in with love forever on road of hope.

sad poems

Thus, heart always hunger after his love, 

Whereas realisation of love depending on

The apprehend of beloved eyes contact, What 

Leads her heart for considerate of lover’s love.

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