About nature poem

poems about nature

poems about nature

           Revenged of nature 

Who don’t cognition to mighty of god

Perhaps, no one contained in world, 

Whether atheists, however able to be

Perceived reaction of the nature.


Each country  queue of competition,

Wish to rule over each other country,

No look through the way of nature, 

People cut into the nature’s action.


Every action answer for reaction, 

Any country, any being with the 

Freedom of nature rather demolish,

As plants, animals, birds & insects.


Which all family part of the nature, 

Along with the human being cast,

Thus, we bring up by nature’s action,

No must come between nature’s rules.


Since nature equally dealing with ,

No weightage more given to anyone

Alone differences between human &

Other cast as their intelligent skills.


But humans exploiting other cast,

Based at his intelligence power,

But revenged in the hand of nature,

What silently fight off by epidemic.

About nature poem | About nature poem


4:30pm  23/03/2020 poems about nature

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poems about nature

About nature poem | poems about nature

This poem describes about the revenged of nature by way of silent. Which results show dangerously to all living being. So, read and enjoy as well as save the nature of mother earth. You can read more love poems.

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