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love poems for her

No meeting B/W lovers

love poems for her smile
love poems for her smile


      No meeting B/W lovers 

There are two lovers,

Who are on the journey

Through all day, While the 

Journey, little discussion among 

Them, regarding attachment.

poems about love for her smile

 Rather, many trying being occurred

 By the lover side, but nominal by 

 Beloved side, However it’s response 

 To keep the mind held of lover, but 

 He doesn’t want to conquer her.

Poor lover at every moment 

Keeps himself in anticipation, 

But she living in her own eyes, 

Rather, she doesn’t heed of him 

And liked hush by her aptitude.

love poems for her smile

 All this was sanctioned by reluctantly,

 By lover, whereas no corner was 

 Left in the heart of lover to pleasure,

 Amid the journey of cause he sat 

 Alongside his beloved to meet her.

At last when they reached their 

Destination, at just beloved reneged

Her promise what made during loving,

Both had to pass through their way, at

Night no one could report to each other.

love poems for her smile

Perhaps beloved sleep by comfortably,

 But poor lover couldn’t sleep at all night,

 Rather keeps his eyes open to awaiting her

 Thus, night had passed but No beloved 

 Comeback for the perfection of love. 

Poems about love for him |
This poem describes about journey of lovers which one too long but no meeting between them whether one night spend at the same home. So, read and enjoy it also. Tell you also your love meeting through comments. 
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Poems about love


poems about love


A one side lover ill at ease for philophobia,

       Due to his nature care about towards his beloved, 

As beloved never considerate his true love, 

       But, whole day care about his beloved memory, 

Mostly, he feels for her what’s app all day,

      When, he found crop up herself, hearts his heart,

But, No one answer he would receive from her,

      Tensions of love compunction on his heart always, 

What follow out his mind day and night, 

      Like termite, tension eat into his Body, 

Now, seemed his whole body get down by love, 

     One day lie over only soul by his beloved memory.

But, is there any solution for his dying life,

     Perhaps, pass for by beloved avoid his crisis, 

So, Please all people are called in to convey,

    His true love at the destination of beloved, 

What could save his health and wealth, 

    Please…. do & follow for welfare a philophobia lover.

Bear out like altruist to carry off a philophobia.

12:40pm   31/05/2020 poems about love

Poems about love for him |
This little poem spread it’s light on the brain of lover who absorbed in his beloved love. But beloved has no care for his love. Wheather, his beloved floating on her what’s app but no expectations answers are given. However,  Rather he in queue for awaiting her still.
Read and enjoy it. 

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