christian poems

A Christmas day

christian poems
christian poems

The Christmas day

An auspicious day,
What’s recurring by turn,
Whose scatters memories,
Realised us devotion to Jesus.

Light spread all around,
Bundle of sins declined,
Mother earth easy to breath,
By the birth of supercilious soul.

Ignorant rooted out,
A true wisdom pass on,
On every way of human life,
Like a messenger of God on earth.

So, call down,
Ahead of auspicious soul,
For the welfare of generation,
To keep on peace on mother earth,

So, day teach us,
Many kindness blessing,
All being without discrimination,
Let’s us celebrate such auspicious day.
christian poems

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This poem describes about the Jesus MASIH’s birthday as known as Christmas day what is celebrated across the world . Happy Christmas to you all.

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