How to use best poetic words in poetry?

How to use best poetic words in poetry ?

There are many poet across the world who express their thoughts in different words in their local language. However, some poet use different languages other than their mother toung.

Poet who is used to their toung language they are capable to use deep words in their writing poetry. Because they are habitual of deeply words as idioms, phrases and vocabulary words.

However, who are used other language in their writing poetry. They are not convenience in using deep poetry words in their writing poetry.

How to use best poetic words in poetry ?
They have to hard work in their language in which they write. 
However, there are following some points which needs to be kept in mind to use poetic words in writing poetry.

How to use poetic words in poetry ?

1. READ POETRY LITERATURE:- so, every poet need to read poetry literature. Which work would be helpful in writing poetry.

2. WRITING HABIT:- Every poetry needs to attain specialised education by note down words that can be used as unique contexts in poetry. Such habits should be a part of writing poetry by continuously.

3. INTEREST TO LEARNING NEW WORDS:- Every poet should be efforts to add new vocabulary words in their treasure of words in their brain.

4. DEEP THINKING:-Every poet must be engaged with deep thinking skills which can be employed in the field of writing poetry work.

5. CONCERN WITH OTHER WRITERS AND POET:- Every poet must be create habit To be friendly with others poet. Who may be helpful in their writing poetry.

So, Each and every poet with the help of these points can enhance his/her poetic words towards their career development goals in writing poetry.
How to use best poetic words in poetry ?

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