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Best holi poems in english
Best holi poems in English


Holi of Black-eyes color


Holi came, Holi came,

Many colors also came,

Carry on reflection by same,

Painted all faces on the way.

Various favour to each one,

Difficult to options them,

Nature always dispersion,

Merry networks grow on,

Love mingled with colors,

Whose felicity on minds,

Lay off the gap of deprived love,

Zeal boosts the career of oeuvre,

All hearts influenced by variety

Colors, what are badge of life,

Every souls dive into colorful

River, that waves by sun rays,

Soul of water drenched also,

Among various colors spark,

But my heart is absorbed by

Black color through black-eyes.

As being have afraid of black color,

That not a fall short off on souls,

But i am standby black colour,

What taint endorsed on my heart.

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Enjoyed holis with reflection of nature and love colors. That have influenced on each life of souls.

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